• First Results (2012-2013)

    Like I said in the previous post my first model was Progasm Ice. I knew it was for advanced used, but that’s exactly because I wanted something that would last, so that after a rough beginning in the end I would have a tool to going on and on.
    I bought it from Aneros directly because at the time I didn’t find any store in Portugal that sold it. Of couse it had to get stuck in the customs so I had to go there and try to be as discrete as possible. I had to finally tell them is was a dildo, being as silent as I could to prevent anyone else in the room to hear.
    So finally I brought it home. I was living in an apartment with other students in Lisbon, where I was in a University.
    My first session I explained in the last post but I’ll repeat it here.
    The lube I used at that time was Johnson’s baby oil. It’s very thin but at that time I found it ok.
    My first reaction when I inserted Progasm Ice was how confortable it was. The dildos I tried forced the sphincter to stay strechted as their thickness didn’t decrease towards the end.
    So I was surprised how small it actually was (yes, I used bigger dildos) and had no problema inserting. I inserted it, noticed how confortable it was and that was it.
    I layed on the bed on my back and tried to relax. Since the beginning I was striving for the do nothing method, as I wanted to be surprised and I wanted for things to happen outsider of my control.
    I don’t remembre exactly what kind of feelings I had but I remember my first reaction to the Progasm Ice’s work.
    Some time into the session I started to have some small contractions rhytmically that I was not sure if it was me or not doing them. I thought manily however that it was involuntary.
    I wondered, is this the Super O?
    I quickly concluded it couldn’t be. It was pleasure, but nowhere near good the orgasm. I remember it more being addictive, the contractions continued for some minutes and I felt that they were like a give and take of nice sensations as they happened, but it never felt satisfying. It was like the contractions were promissing something over and over again but ended up keep going on in the same pattern.
    I had read the wiki and the fórum and I knew it would take time to achieve results so I was pretty happy with the results I got
    In the following weeks and months I kept trying it
    The first thing that became apparent was that the prostate felt pleasurable when the progasm ice was inserted. It was hitting the spot and that contact gave me a peaceful and kinda sleepy state of mind. It was a confortable feeling to be touched in the prostate like that. In my previous dildo experiences I never got that.
    So in the following sessions this background pleasure continued.
    Eventually I ended up having more of the rhytmically addictive contractions. Generally I needed an hour or so for it to happen, and it didn’t happen in all sessions.
    I seemed to notice that the sensations were getting more pleasure. One day I noticed that now I felt some kind of orgasmic taste at the end of each contraction. I felt I was in the right direction.
    For months continued in this promising but not advancing pattern. In the end of the year I decided to buy more, different aneros to see if I noticed any difference.
    So I bought Eupho classic and Helix Syn.
    To my surprise I noticed that Eupho was actually the less confortable model while being inserted – but after inserting it was confortable. It seems my sphincter doesn’t like much the shape of the Eupho.
    With these two models I keep achieveng the same results as the Prograsm Ice. They weren’t better or worse, I got the same results.
    These results were the background pleasure and in some days the chain of contractions happened. The chain of contractions was the best part, the most pleasurable one.
    Still, I started to become a little frustrated with the lack of progresso. My sessions could last for 4-5 hours (I did them at night as I needed privacy), with 1 hour waiting for things to happen and then, if lucky, feeling chains of contractions spread through those hours or sometimes followed by another one.
    In this period I think I experienced both these chains of contractions separated by only a few seconds and once a cascading chain over another (I’m using the orgasm terms refered by people in the fórum because I think they fit).
    I was definitively having pleasure with aneros, although only rarely it reached the best parts I could reach.
    But the pleasure was however a bit disappointing because I couldn’t stop comparing it to the orgasm I knew – the traditional ejaculatory end.
    I was open minded on how it would happen but even in the best parts I never felt anything equal or better than the sensation of a traditional orgasm.
    I can’t identify what are mini-os, dry-os or super-o (which I’ve been told and read it’s unmistakable in its sheer pleasure that one person will immediately know it’s something different) from what I’ve felt.
    My theory is that the chains of contractions are the “skeleton” of a dry-o, that is, with the rewiring continuing the pleasure of them would keep increasing until those chains were complete chains of the muscle reaction of an orgasm.
    In the next post I’ll refer to the wall I hit and the problems that I’ve been having from 2013 or so until now and how I’m not advancing and are actually am getting worse results than I did in the first year.

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