• First post-op Aneros session!

    Hi guys,
    This morning I had my first post-op Aneros session, actually my very first session in 2017! It was a trial session which lasted an hour during which I used in succession MGX, Helix Classic, and Maximus. It was so good to connect with my Aneros tools after a three and half month hiatus!
    I am making a quick recovery from the right hip replacement surgery which I had on Sunday morning, January 8. I can walk unassisted pretty much in my apartment. I am also walking freely with a cane. Aless returned a few weeks after the surgery. This Aless actually enabled me to masturbate in a new way soon after the return of Aless. All this happened for sure at the rehab center at night when I was in bed. Masturbate and the fantasies that fueled it relieved me the tedium and boredom after hours. However, I poured myself into rehab as a way to recover my health and walking function.
    The lovely fact of my return to Aneros sessions is that rewiring is always there. The experienced Aneroser never loses the ability to enjoy the Aneros. What most impressed of my session earlier today is that along with the familiar sensations of Anerosing, but new ones as well! Take care!
    P.S. I need to say that during my nine weeks in rehab, I began enjoying stimulating my nipples and caressing my hairy pecs and abs in new, exciting ways. I call nipple stimulation “diddling.” All this consists my foreplay which enhances my masturbation these days. I have carried all this over into my nightly sessions now in bed in the quiet solitude of my apartment. It’s wonderful for me to observe these new practices intersect not only my masturbation practices but also my Aless and Aneros sessions themselves. Also I hope to use Progasm Classic in my next session!


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      04/23/2017at10:57 am

      @BigGlansDC Welcome back! You have been missed! I am looking forward to your posts. Continued good health and a complete recovery are “cumming” your way!

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      04/25/2017at2:25 pm

      So glad to hear from you and that you a re recovering nicely!

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