• First blast with the Progasm Ice

    Yesterday the mailman brought me a package, a box containing a very shiny and sleek and sexy looking Progasm Ice, I’ve shied away from this model for many years thinking that when it comes to Aneros’s smaller is better.

    I was keen to take my first ride with this beautiful looking toy and wasted no time preparing everything I’d need for a session, lube and applicator, Vaseline, laptop for browsing porn, headphones to cancel out any distractions, I then showered and douched them retired to my bed lay on my back with my butt supported by pillows.

    Since I can remember I’ve enjoyed shoving stuff up my ass, vibrators, butt plugs, courgettes, fuck it even had egg plants up there! I’m straight but have always loved filling my butt full of objects of all shapes and sizes.

    Being experienced with anal play I had no problem inserting the Progasm, to help it on its way I made sure I’d squirted in a generous amount of lube.
    The sensation of the larger Aneros was at first a bit weird, I’ve been exclusively using the trident range for the past six months so to have a large solid plastic Aneros inserted took a bit of getting used to, half an hour later and all was fine and dandy.

    The feeling of fullness this toy brings is going to make some guys feel a bit overwhelmed, if this is the case I’d implore you to persevere and try your absolute hardest to relax and get through the initial discomfort….. I shall explain why…..!

    After the initial half an hour I tentatively tried contacting my PC and anal muscles, just gingerly to start off with, this coupled with a bit of nipple diddling start to get things going, despite its size I was surprised at how mobile the devise was. I practised deep breathing exercises whilst continuing with the contractions, this resulted in a tightening of my stomach muscles and quivering legs. After an hour I started to increase the strength of my contractions, this time holding my PC and anal muscles simultaneously for thirty seconds at a time, slowly releasing them before repeating. I noticed that my hips had to be at the precise angle for the toy to hit ‘the spot’.

    Things were hotting up, I closed my eyes and could visualise weird and erotic imagery, stuff I’d never considered or even thought about before!
    As I drifted into these thoughts I felt the now familiar sensation of a Super-O building, I was whimpering, not sobbing, but almost. The first orgasm was insane, so much more intense than any I’d experienced before, lasting for many minutes it quite literally took my breath away. Minuets later and I’m off again, Super-O number two, equally as amazing as the first, then another but even stronger, this time I felt like I was going to pass out. I had reached another level in my journey and it still feels like there’s more to come. I thought I was heading for a fourth but without realising my hard cock was gushing cum all over the place, oh well a HFWO not so bad, even better when it happened for a second time, this time milking me dry.

    To summarise. The Progasm has a legendary status and on my first try has totally and utterly blown my socks off!

    Happy riding!

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