• First Aneros session

    August 5th 2019 – My best memory from 3 weeks ago…..

    My first session with the helix syn was quite intriguing. I had a lot of OMG moments when I couldn’t really figure out what was happening. Possibly P waves, definitely lots of new feelings and some anal, prostate pleasure going on. I really don’t know what is what as far as terminology at this point, I am very clueless. It was all very sexy and very intriguing. I had a limp cock for most of the time. But at one point it got rock hard but then receded again. I had no idea that I could feel pleasure like that without a hard-on.

    I would call this session and major win seeing as how I had no idea what I was doing or if I was doing it correctly. And also because I wasn’t sure I was going to feel anything. But I read somewhere that it might take a year or more to get a super O. And while I got nowhere near that level, I felt something new, and the promise of new things and multiple orgasms was extremely exciting to me.

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