• Finding Bliss

    I rushed home to have a session before the wife got home. She ended it after 90 minutes. I took a quick swim and lubed up. I was feeling really good and just relaxed into my session breathing and not contracting. At the right moment a minor contraction from the dick but mostly releasing and letting it go and have a mind of its own. I have found I have a contraction that is directed by my dick towards my prostate is more subtle then my bottom contracting. This was a good discovery. So much information on this site. Over all very good session but 2 times I really started falling down the rabbit hole. I must say it was finding Bliss and I have a taste now how good it can get. I am coming for you Super-O. Playing with my nipples helped a lot just letting go. I slept through the night and woke up feeling really good. I am hoping for a late night session tonight. I will be traveling and won't have time next week so getting it on while I can. SoFunLoving

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