• Finally the Tempo works for me…

    So last Saturday I treated myself to basically an all day session off and on. I started the morning with the Eupho Trident and the Helix Syn and those gave me just what I wanted from them. Very intense super-Os…kind of the norm.

    I took a break…like 2-3 hours. Watched some TV…then it popped in my head…the one model I have that I have not been successful with was the Tempo. I decided to pull it out. I lubed it up and slid it in my bum…as normal I expected nothing. I sat on the Comfy Sac we have in our living room and just perused the Aneros boards. A few mins passed and thats when I started to feel a rumbling. This device was different than the others. Because I could sit on it basically…I was able to kind of position my body where the Tempo was nuzzled right up to my prostate. It fluttered and danced and then at one point its as if I lost complete control of it and bounced all around my anus.The intense feeling was devine. It made me completely light headed and breathless.

    I enjoyed this feeling for a number of hours…completely lost track of time. It was now dinner time. Instead of taking out my little friend I put on some pants and went to pick up dinner. I’m sitting in my favorite BBQ joint and could barely speak for all the pleasure my body was in. Several times I felt like I wanted to cum all over myself right in the place. I drove home…cleaned up…slipped the tempo back in its box and felt completely satisfied.


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      01/20/2019at6:39 pm

      Wow. Good reading and nice to learn about the tempo. Very alluring toy. Love the inclusion of the fact that your arousal was interfering with your speech. Hot.

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