• Finally another mini-O!

    So finally I achieved another non-ejaculatory orgasm via Aneros prostate massage today. Yes! I believe it was a mini-O, as the duration didn't seem that long. But the sensation? Oh wow… almost speechless it was so good feeling! This certainly helps me believe all that more that I'm capable of eventually achieving super-O's. Even if I am a long term grinder at this.
    So this is probably I think my third mini-O and the only type of non-ejaculatory orgasm I've gotten through this Aneros practice so far. And it's been years since the last one happened. Patience is a virtue, eh? There was absolutely no penile stimulation. I was lying on my back with knees up and using the Progasm Classic while rubbing my nipples.
    The last couple of days I've been super horny, and the Aneros sessions have been down right fantastic even before this latest mini-O. So I shouldn't be totally surprised this happened. Basically what I've been trying to work on lately in my sessions is to learn to relax even more when the pleasure gets intense and the involuntary anal contractions really start kicking in. And this has worked big time! Because it seems prior to this that my instinct was to clench and voluntarily contract when the pleasure gets intense. Which goes contradictory to making this happen. What I found was that once I take enough deep breathes, it causes my anus to relax even more, and the involuntary anal contractions really start up consistently and strong, in a way that is very uniquely noticeable such that I have an idea that I'm on the right track. So as this started happening and it was getting intense, I just relaxed more into it, and did not interfere with the contractions.
    So for me the involuntary anal contractions feel like a constant pulsing. And then I can feel that pulsing rhythm against my prostate as the Aneros moves against it. My prostate then swells in arousal. And as I continued to relax and allow it to happen the pulsing sensation started to climb into the shaft of my penis, and then as the pulsing sensation got close to the tip of my penis, it got stronger and peaked into an orgasm. It felt mildly like I was ejaculating, but there was nothing there except for a sizable string of pre-cum. And as I went over the top, there was this sensation of deep relaxation mixed with pleasure that seemed to burst out of my crotch area. All the while this pulsing sensation continued through it all. So pleasurable! It really was an amazing sensation but couldn't have been more than a couple minutes. After the orgasm died down, I tried reproducing it. And no such luck. But still, I'm blown away by how good it felt. It was mostly different feeling than an ejaculatory orgasm, but some similarities. And just amazing that this can be done from prostate massage and not the rubbing or stroking of my penis like I've been used to all these years.
    The sad thing is, if I tried to explain how to do this to myself many years ago when I first started, it probably would not have helped. I think because it is such a different paradigm in terms of how to orgasm differently than what we men are used to with stimulating our penis. So unfortunately I'm not terribly hopeful that this information will help other new Aneros users. You just have to put the time into practicing regularly with it and keep an open mind in believing it is possible. As much as possible, try to relax your anal muscles, don't interfere with what is going on down there, pay attention to the subtle sensations and let it build as keep your arousal high.
    I'll cross my fingers that I can reproduce this again regularly. But you'll have to excuse me if I'm reluctant to say I've finally crossed into multiple non-ejaculatory orgasm land with all you other advanced users. I'll wait to say that until I can do this pretty regularly.

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