• Finally…

    So I've been interested in trying anal sex for a while. I had a couple of failed attempts by not so worthy men in my past. Those occurrences taught me a valuable lesson, my ass is special and so should be the man who is invited into it.
    So I'd say my husband definitely fits the bill for "special". He has my complete trust, and I know he wont put his excitement/pleasure before mine. however…we've had a small challenge in this area. Honestly I've been scared shitless )no pun intended( of him taking my ass. I'm not one to boast but my hubby is not one to take lightly in the endowment department. I have to put this in contextually as I am not usually one to shy away from much of anything sexually. Mentally and visually 11" length and 2.25" in diameter is quite a bit to take on. Vaginally he is a challenge. I dont have much of a choice but to allow myself to relax completely so that everything fits. I must admit i like that. Its amazing how accommodating the human body can be, still it's a stretch )damn puns…(. For a long time I thought to myself )when he would bring up anal sex( you're not putting that anywhere near my ass! Yet the more I push myself mentally, the more the idea became more arousing. Just the idea of him opening me up, and visualizing him moving inside me made me at least want to try.
    One day I'd been thinking about it for the better part of the day. I'd had some fun with Peridise that day as well, so I was ver aroused when he got home. I was determined not to chicken out this time )I had a few times before thinking I was mentally ready…but clearly wasnt(. The idea of having my ass clearly turns him on to unreal proportions )maybe I was seeing things, mind playing tricks on me…?( because his member would look larger than life, and I'd choke lol. Not this time though, its now or never!
    I busied myself by breathing deeply, relaxing, visualizing, and raising my arousal while waiting for him to join me. Once he walked in the 'oh shit…' demons tried to resurrect themselves, but I swallowed the lump in my throat and forged ahead.
    He snuggled in with me, wrapping his arms around me, his chest to my back lying on our sides. His strong erection resting just between the cheeks of my ass, I could feel the head of his cock pressing into the small of my back )what have i gotten myself into?(.
    "You sure about this?" he murmured softly in my ear.
    "Yes." was all my nerves managed to let me say. I felt him shift behind me, then he began to massage my back. It felt wonderful, his hands moved lower and began kneading my ass. his fingers slowly crept closer and closer to my anus. At some point he lubed his fingers then subsequently lubed my anus as he continued tantalizing me. It wasn't long he was slipping one of his fingers into me. He slowly stroked his finger inside me, further relaxing my tight hole. Then I felt him lubing his penis, then he made sure I was sufficiently lubed. Then his head was at my "entrance"…
    Holding the base of his cock with one hand, and my hip with the other he ever so slightly pressed into me. I couldn't tell how much of him entered me )sure it was less than what it felt like( but I know it felt heavenly. My pussy started to get really wet and my clit was getting more plump by the second. I was surprised by how relaxed I was )thanks aneros( as he continued to only apply the same steady pressure while kissing my back. I felt him inch forward a little more, I took more of him inside me. I began to gently rock my hips back and forth onto his rigidity. Damn that felt so good it made me think I should have done this a LOT sooner. He was kissing my shoulders and letting me have my way with him when I feel his dick move inside me. Just then the ridge of his head slid into me, we moaned in unison. I entwined my fingers with his and pushed back against him wanting him deeper inside me. A few slick inches of his shaft glided in until his increased girth halted me in my tracks.
    "Damn, I'm half way inside you baby…" I heard him grit out between clinched teeth right before he began to stroke the half of his cock that I'd accepted in and out of me. I was so hot and bothered I wanted to change positions. I think I'd subconsciously picked that position because I knew he couldnt really get carried away…but now I had more courage and fearlessness.
    "Hey, lets try this standing up…" I requested.
    "Ok, if you want to." he replied sounding a little hesitant as he withdrew fro me and got to his feet. I stood in front of him as he lubed his dick one more time. I place my hands on the bed bending over slightly presenting my ass to him. He came closer probing me with his dick, then plunged back into me to the previous depth we'd established. He paused to my bewilderment, I vaguely heard him say something…but I had no idea what. I was focused elsewhere to say the least. "Honey? Are you ok?" I heard as my mind finally registered and comprehended the words I was hearing. "Yea…why?" I managed to ask. "Well, you're shaking for one…and you've never made that sound before…" I laughed, he grunted and gripped into my hips. "Don't do that." I think if I kept laughing I was going to make him cum )I confirmed that later after we were done(, wonder what that felt like to him? "Baby…go deeper…" I begged. He eased me further onto his engorged shaft. I felt his balls press tightly against my drenched cunt. They felt so full. Once he was fully seated to the hilt I felt exhilarated, he was so deep inside me I thought I could taste him.
    I stood arching my back against his chest, with my ass still pressed tightly against his hips. I just wanted to feel more of him, his warmth next to me, to feel closeness. He wrapped his arms around me cradling my breasts in his hands. I was grinding against him, in no time he began to move with me. The sensations were insane as he stroked in and out of me, I could feel them radiating down my legs to my feet. My knees were actually getting weak at a point, and I know for certain I'd told )probably more like screamed( how great and huge he felt inside me.
    I think he knew my stability was lessening due to all the pleasure he was putting me through. He released my ample bosoms, wrapped his arms tightly around my waist, and lifted me onto the bed. He laid my face down, and he was on top of me…how he did all that without his dick slipping from me I have no clue )wonder if he ever moonlighted in a few porn movies…(. My legs were together, with his outside mine, from this angle he felt even deeper. He started with a slow shallow rhythm that sent chills up my back. Then he began to vary his stroke from deep to shallow, slow to moderate, but always intrinsically intimate. He nudged my legs open so he could put his between mine giving him better access and deeper penetration possibilities. By now I could tell he was really enjoying this, so was I of course. His arms were still wrapped around my body locking me to him. It felt like making love to a python he was squeezing me so tight. His pace increased, and so did his intensity. I was so hot that I was loving the animalistic quality his love making was taking on. I could tell he was hot on the trail of an incredible orgasm. He was harder than stone pounding away at my ass. The contrast between the void of his cock when he retracted versus the complete borderline ass splitting fullness was so amazing. During my pile driving I started to feel the telltale pulsing and warming sensations inside me. Not to mention the sexy sounds he was making next to my ear. His breathing was ragged, as was mine. He started to get up, but I stopped him. I had this powerfully strong desire to feel him deflate while still inside me. I was loving the erotic intimacy of being pinned beneath him wrapped in his arms.
    This experience was more than I could have hoped for. He never forced anything, never rushed, or was he the least bit selfish. He was absolutely perfect…

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      05/01/2014at10:25 pm

      Bravo you finally bit the bullet and in a pleasurable and erotic way. So glade you experienced the best feeling ever. That was a beautiful read. Just wait you gonna crave it more and its gonna get better each time.

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