• Felt My Aura

    What a ride. It was the best one so far I believe.
    Just have a minute to write.
    Rode the tempo for aprox 45 mins to warm things up.
    Took a 45 minute break and finished the paper work I was doing with the tempo in. Hard to concentrate while riding.
    Insert Jr and just relaxed I have a warm up position that got thing going.
    20 mins into the ride switch my position. I like to recline in my office chair with my feet on the desk. My feet are above my butt. This puts a nice presure on the prostate.
    I rode for an additional 30 mins, that seamed like 5. I had tingles going from one end off my body to the other. I tend to shake while riding, that is the energy moving here and there. At one point my cock was rock hard and it felt like I was coming. With every feeling of ejackulation I saw a blue light [ had my eyes closed lightly ]. After that I just slowed everything down, the tingles were very lite, but they were around my whole body. At that moment it felt like my aura was surrounding me and tickling me. I know there is a better way to describe it but thats what it felt like. In my mind I could see and feel my aura. It was great.
    Have to run, will refine this post later,but had to get it down while I was still feeling it.

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