• Two Extraordinary sessions for Saturday June 24 : a wow with the sleek Progasm ICE (in honor of GGringo)

    Hi guys,
    This morning I had a 45 minute session with MGX, Maximus, and Progasm Classic. Once again I reveled in their hooking around my prostate along with their penetrative power! These days I am able to completely relax and let them do their thing. However, my relaxation along my gentle breathing amplify their action during sessions but also give me Aless beyond compare!
    The session ended at 6:30 a.m. We had the remnants of tropical storm Cindy pass through last night. I had a meeting to go in refreshing early summer weather. I arrived home at 11 a.m. Suddenly I had a hankering for Progasm ICE which I hadn’t used in several months. I “communed” with Progasm ICE for thirty minutes. Right now I am luxuriating in very sweet Aless after my encounter with Progasm ICE today. Take care!
    P.S. no 1 an hour later: Very sweet waves of Aless right now coupled by the Kegels and diddling my nipples! Progasm ICE is awesome!

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