• Eupho Trident…I think I love you…

    @SOwithoutAneros…I just dont know what to say about this “noisy cricket”.
    There are simply no words to describe what I just experienced.

    Ever since last night I’ve been kind of buzzing. Even though last night’s session was rather pleasing…the level of intensity and unrelenting ecstasy wasnt always there. The Eupho Trident brought acute resolution to that tonight.

    My Supple Nips arrived yesterday therefore today I decided to start my nipple training. I watched a youtube video to gather what I needed…put a dab of vaseline on both of my nips and boom. Had a nice 20 minute training session. While I was doing that I was just laying down enjoying some aless. It wasnt too long before I was rock hard and getting nice pwaves. The Alexa alarm went off signifying 20 mins was done. I looked at the clock….633pm EST. The wife is set to get off of work at 7pm. Would it be a waste to go into an Aneros session for 30 mins?

    Oh hell it wasnt.

    I went to my drawer…pulled out the Eupho Trident…lubed it up and stuck it in. Turned off the lights and shoved a pillow under my buttocks. Almost immediately this thing began to dance and then slowly autofuck me. I was shirtless with just some shorts on and I was in pure heaven.

    And then it started…Super-O on top of Super-O…an entire cascade of MMOs That would feel like a quick build up to a super-O…stay there for like a minute or so…come down for 15 secs…then right back up but just a tad bit higher. This lasted over 10 mins. I looked at the clock


    I grabbed my tshirt. Threw it on my body. Started to diddle my nipples through the shirt. The Eupho crept up my anal canal…found my prostate…then it did something completely NEW…It stood next to it and as if it was alive…it breathed on my prostate. A slow…pulsating…convex like breath where the end of the Eupho felt like someone’s stomach was at the end of my prostate.

    I lost my breath. My eyes curled into my head. My body raised up off the bed. I started yelling in ecstasy. It got more intense. More and more. My ears closed up and I could barely hear anything. Tears streamed out of my eyes. I felt wetness moving within my penis. I felt the aneros move ever so slightly. More pleasure ruptured my body with a breath….I wanted it to stop…but not really. I could feel the blood rushing all throughout my body…

    I let out a wimper…the Eupho responded by mimicking that wimper against my prostate. I let out an “Oh My gawd!” which then followed with the Eupho returning to a slow methodical autofucking…which caused me to say “Oh my gawd!” several more times. I moaned and moaned and moaned and this thing had me as a prisoner. I glanced at the clock…

    7:14pm EST

    I moved my hand to my butt and gently removed the Eupho almost while practically still getting pleasure from it. My prostate did a fleeting “Don’t go” pulse that automatically made me feel sad for not continuing this session. I’m completely shocked at the pleasure this little thing can put out.

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