• Eupho – the journey goes up and up


    Last evening I had my first session with my newly acquired Eupho and must relate that I am still 'reeling' from the experience. I have had many successful sessions using my MGX, Helix and for feeling more 'filled', the Maximus. But the Eupho has just moved me to planets new. I really am blown away by how much better things just got! So if you are a reasonably experienced user and haven't yet made the move for a Eupho – DO IT NOW!! You will not be disappointed. It generates an intensity that I can barely believe.
    My session began with the usual preparations, but with the anticipation of things 'new', I was already extremely focussed with a high level of sexual awareness and tension, and was wet with a copius amount of pre-cum – all before I had even inserted any lube – let alone the Eupho!
    After inserting the Eupho whilst laying on my LH side, RH knee drawn up, I moved onto my back and supported my lower back on a pillow, feet on other pillow with legs at 10 to 2. It is important for me in this position to ensure that the pillow is far enough back so the handle does not come in contact with the pillow and obstruct any free movement of the Aneros. I went through my usual breathing rhythms and I rapidly became aware that I was going to be in for something really special. The involuntaries gave way within ten minutes max (- who watches the clock when it really starts to happen!) to the start of 'Super Os'. The initial difference (Eupho to others) seemed to be demonstrated by the amount of pre-cum that began to literally 'pump' out of my penis in accordance with the movements of the Aneros. The session took on a new intensity that has moved on where I was in my relationship with my other devices. The great 'Super Os' that I had experienced previously seem to fade into memory with what was now happening to my body . I was generating an incredible amount of shaking and involuntary spasms reminiscent of really intense female orgasms. Although for the majority of the time I had maintained quite a respectably large 'softy', (way far heavier than limp) the feeling that I was ultimately able to sustain throughout an amazing chain of 'Super Os' was that I was consistently on the verge of an ejaculatory orgasm. This was a level of something that I had not experienced in this way previously. The sensations were almost 'too' much. I maintained this state for close on two hours and began to reach the point where I knew that I either had to 'come' with an ejaculatory orgasm as I now had acquired a really vigorous erection – and the pre-cum was even more copious than earlier on – or pass out! The temptation to touch myself that I had denied myself up till now, gave way to an extremely intense and highly productive ejaculation.
    I felt really invigorated by the whole extraordinary excitement of the event.
    The other change in approach that I tried for this session was the use of an additional amount of lube (10ml) in response to a suggestion from 'nood1963's post. Thanks 'nood' – I'm going to stick with this from now! It no doubt contributed to the wonderful extra movement that the Eupho affords.

    Everyone take note – the Eupho is THE way to go! Enjoy – I certainly did and will again shortly!


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