• Eupho Classic, Wow! Monday morning session, November 19

    Hi guys,

    According to our Aneros glossary in our Wiki, “butt buzz is persistent, even insistent energy in your anus, rectum, prostate, perineum, scrotum/testicles area, sometimes experienced spontaneously apart from an Aneros session. Faint to mild muscle spasms leading to an orgasm my occur.” I’ll add that this sweet energy is also localized in the root of my penis. Also in recent weeks, I have had butt buzz abundantly in times of my Aless.

    Butt buzz (at least recently) like Aless has been a continuous experience for me often lurking in the background, but emerges in the foreground in surprising ways and times. This was my experience at church yesterday and all throughout the afternoon. However, I enjoy engaging my Aless and butt buzz directly in bed at night through diddling and gentle Kegels while wearing my jocks and cups. Absolute sweetness.

    Early this morning I had a session which lasted about 1.25 hours in which I used Eupho Classic, MGX, Maximus, and Progasm ICE.

    I was amazed at how my anal musculature gripped my Eupho Classic. I really enjoyed this feeling as I relaxed fully, a technique that I have settled into in the last month or so in my sessions. The Eupho prepared me nicely for my other three Aneros models.

    I decided to take my time with this morning’s session as I endeavored to savor the action of my four models. Also I must say that it was a heavy duty session which wore me out.

    After lunch, I had to take a long nap to allow my body to process the session. All I can say that the session left me with fairly intense butt buzz. It is still intense at 7:30 p.m. tonight. I can’t wait to interact with my Aless and butt buzz later on tonight in bed. Take care.


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      11/20/2018at12:39 pm

      Thanks for sharing your adventures with butt buzz and associated tingling and spasms! I too enjoy all the sensations of butt buzz and all the other pleasure which accompany it, both with Aneros and Aless! Throw in some nipple play and mountains of pleasure are felt. Last few days my body has awakened me early in the morning to butt buzz and anal twitching! Waves spread up and down my lower back as I relax and enjoy every one!

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      11/21/2018at1:46 am

      @fred27, I am typing this at 8:37 p.m., November 20. Since my update last night, my butt buzz has continued at various levels of intensity overnight in be and all throughout the day today. The thing to notice about my butt buzz is that feels the affected areas (prostate, perineum, anal canal, testicles/scrotum, and my cock root) are all “boiling,” again at various levels of intensity. It is just wonderful for me to engage my Aless and butt buzz with Kegels and nipple diddling. Your having “waves spreading up and down your lower back” demonstrates to me that you are far advanced in your Aneros journey!

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