• Erotic Dream

    I was awakened this morning by an erotic dream. It left me very horny but still sleepy and relaxed. As I laid in bed, I focused on the images from my dream and let the pleasure build in my body. I found myself experiencing floating bliss almost immediately. My entire body was floating and tingling. The feeling was much less concentrated in my prostate area than in the past. It filled my head, hands, feet, everywhere. Once during the session, I had a peak of pleasure that filled my body and lasted about a minute or so. It was intense and calming at the same time. While it was happening, I did everything I could to stay completely relaxed. I had a mental image of a hose where body tension was like squeezing the hose and blocking the flow of pleasure. It seemed like when I imagined the hose open and flowing, the pleasure intensified. I'm convinced that relaxation in this kind of session is key (mind and body).

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