• Energy Transfer Perhaps??? Or just my crazy mind…

    A couple of nights ago I was in the chatroom and something new and interesting (at least to me) happened. So here it is.
    The usual regulars were in chat, and the topics were quite random. I love that about the chat it can be anything from sessions to whats for dinner you just never know. I got a private chat request from one of the members in the room. We'd talked before in the main room but never privately. Hmmm… I thought. I'd read some of his posts in the forums before (as i've read many peoples posts), and had a general idea of what he felt about the things he posted on. I could tell from his posts that he's a pretty dynamic guy. A pretty funny guy as well, he's always one to crack a joke, but manages to remain a level headed gentleman.
    So while we were chatting privately we talked about numerous things. Just general everyday conversation about mundane things. The conversation was very pleasant however. I'd already had Peridise in before I started talking to him so I guess my slightly aroused state made me a little more ballsy than usual.
    I had knowledge of a unique talent he has that has always intrigued me but I never asked about. So I bit the bullet and asked him about it. He matter of factly answered, rarely am I left speechless. I was nonetheless, when I picked my jaw up off the floor, I asked another question. He answered that one just a boldly as the previous question. There is something about a man who isn't bashful, or shamful about his…talents for lack of a better word. I would tell you what it he's able to do (because I know it would add a certain level of eroticism) but I'm pretty sure people would be able to figure out who the person was and he doesnt know I'm writing this so I'm sure he would appreciate the anonymity. The second answer left me absolutely shocked…and at an even higher level of arousal.
    Some how I was able to find my bearings and ask one more question that was burning a hole in my brain. True to form he answered just as he had previously. Now I'm passed being relaxed and aroused, well on my way to bliss. This is where the intresting part comes in. All of a sudden it was as if I could feel his presence. He wasnt there with me, I was alone, but he was there with me. Here I am dripping wet thinking the most erotic thoughts of a man I've never met, and it feels like he's with me. For a split second I thought about energy exchange that I had read about…I was a skeptic until that moment. I have no idea if that is indeed what I was experiencing, but if it wasnt it sure felt close to what I imagined.
    Anyway we continued to talk but the topic never returned to anything sexual, but my mind (and body for that matter) was already set into motion. The pleasureable feelings I was feeling continued to ramp up. I had never had a session this good before. Once the involuntaries started, I started feeling tingling sensations radiating from my lower stomach all the way out to my fingers and toes. I focused on the intense pleasure, and low and behold it intisified even more. I could tell that something was about to happen, but I didnt know what. Usually, I have a nice session with great sensations in various places, I ride the wave of pleasure, then eventually have a clitoral orgasm. This time even though my clit was throbbing, I could sense my gspot being stimulated. I could feel my heart beating throughout my whole body. It was almost like someone playing a drumbeat with no audible sound, rather soundwaves radiating through me in time with my heartbeat. Anytime I did the smallest kegel my gspot seemed to quiver. Before I knew it I was catapulted into a very intense gspot orgasm and what felt like )i've never had one before( and anal orgasm simultaneously. I touched my clit and just that slight stimulation sent me into a clitoral orgasm as well. I havent felt that much intense satisfaction all at once nor has it ever been that sustained either. I'm not sure how long I rode that high but it felt like 5-7 minutes. Just when I thought I was through another anal and gspot orgasm rammed into me again. The gspot orgasm subsided and the anal contractions continued. I was getting auto fucked thoroughly at this point. All during the height of this session it seemed as if my visions of him were so real. The sounds, smells, and tastes were so vivid. His presence even seemed to intensify.
    A while later I came down from my blissful state to a calm euphoria. We ended our chat and I went to sleep. Or at least tried to go to sleep. I got absolutely hardly any sleep that night. It was impossible for me to take my mind off my fellow chatter, and what I had experienced. The whole next day I felt different. I cant really explain why, or how, my energy seemed shifted some how. Not in a bad way, just different. Even now thoughts about it have not been far from my mind.
    I know this is just the beginning of my journey…but Jesus whats around the corner?! I'm ready for whatever comes my way…

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