• Energetic movement & pleasure

    So tonight I experienced more progress in my journey and new sensations. I had a feeling my Aneros session was going to be good, as my warm up arousal building no-Aneros session looking at porn while rubbing my nipples generated some mighty nice pleasure sensations.
    But here's what was different. As I started my Aneros session after inserting my Helix, I just relaxed and breathed the first few minutes. Then I started rubbing my nipples and working with sexual fantasies. And the other thing I've been experimenting with is Neil Slade's clicking it forward thing. And I think this has had a positive effect with my Aneros sessions. When I focus on tickling my amygdala while rubbing my nipples, it takes my attention off of the Aneros. And then pleasure seems to grow in my prostate without my focus being there waiting and trying to make it happen. Sort of a detachment thing. Anyways, pleasure in my prostate seemed to grow and pulse much more strongly than it has before. And while I experience energy movements in my body at times. (P-waves I believe) This session I felt some different things. The first one was as my prostate pleasure got stronger, I felt a wave of energy go up my torso in a warbling/wavy sort of way that felt deep. Like my body depth had increased at the same time. Where as normally it just feels like one wave that goes up me. That was wild.
    I also had some really nice prostate pleasure during this session. Nothing that I could say was orgasmic, but some of this is new experiences. So I may not be sure what I've felt and experienced. But during some of the more intense prostate pleasure, a number of times I felt waves of energy push up my torso and shoot into the top of my head. Wow! I've never felt anything like that before. It was neat feeling. I hope this wonderful progress and pleasure continues. What a wonderful journey of self discovery and pleasure this has been with these Aneros prostate massager's. 😀 I only wish I had discovered this earlier in my life.
    I also have to say that I feel very much unchained from my penis. I know that probably reads odd. But really, once I started practicing ejaculation abstinence successfully, I rarely have this crazy desire to masturbate to ejaculation. Particularly because the ejaculatory orgasms are nowhere near as pleasurable as what I get out of Aneros sessions. And I haven't even achieved super-O's yet!

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