• Emotions and orgasms

    Some things I've learned about my emotions and helping others heal emotionally
    • Need a sense of safety to feel emotions
    • When safe enough, emotions come up to awareness and can be accessed
    • The presence of someone who is trusted and comfortable with witnessing emotions facilitates the expression of emotion
    • I can access my emotions when alone if I'm centered in myself and feel safe enough
    • The safety of the setting facilitates the expression of emotion
    • The contrast between the safety of the setting and the lack of safety during the emotional hurt facilitates the expression of emotion
    • The contrast between the reality of our wholeness in the present and the insult to our wholeness in the past facilitates the expression of emotion
    • The contrast between the pleasure and sense of well being of multiorgasmic experiences and the painful experiences facilitates the expression of emotion
    • Have to let go of restraints so the emotions can physically express themselves
    • Let go of ego
    • Let go of fear
    • Let go of social conventions
    • Let go of expectations
    • Let go of the rails at the top of the sliding board and slide down effortlessly , uncontrollably, wheeee!
    • Letting go for expressing emotions like letting go to experience orgasms
    • Emotions and orgasms are bodily expressions
    • Emotions and orgasms are mediated throught our subconscious
    • Sobbing, shaking, teeth chattering, violent vocalizations, crying, laughing are the physical manifestations of emotion
    • They seem to come from our bodies where they are stored
    • They seem to run for a while if allowed and then subside with some relief of tension
    • Many thoughts may occur while they are running or no thoughts
    • The thoughts may help to understand what the emotions are telling us
    • Effort and intention is needed to understand
    • Sometimes they tell us things we don't want to hear
    • Sometimes their meaning is obvious
    • Several emotions can run at the same time
    • Their message can be hard to understand
    • I don't worry about understanding them while they are running, I just observe and remember
    •I often can't understand them afterwards
    •I may understand them later
    • Emotions may associate with painful memories, beautiful experiences, joyous experiences, connection with our true core essence
    • The pain of feeling the emotion in the safety of the present isn't as bad as the original experience
    • The pain of feeling the emotion is less than the pain and stress of holding it in
    The heart chakra, a energy center in our chests seems to be connected with the expression of emotions and my ability to feel rapport with other's emotions. My emotional tension is stored mainly in my abdomen. Their expression involves my whole body. They can make me physically sick if ignored. I can have powerful emotional expressions during my aneros sessions. I can have my best sessions following these emotional releases. I spent more than 20 years doing this emotional healing practice but it was a flawed practice in not emphasizing the effort needed to understand what the emotions are telling us. This is my best understanding to date.

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      07/09/2014at1:45 am

      Simple yet profound observations, euph! Thank you for sharing. You have quite a list of truths, in my opinion.

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