• Dripless Session

    This is delayed blog entry.  It refers to something I did last Thursday.  On Thursdays, my wife goes to town for groceries and errands leaving me all to myself at home.  While she is gone, I usually get on the couch and enjoy an hour-long Aless while listening to binaural. 
    Last week, I decided to be bold, I insert my Helix Syn and headed to my woodshop for an active standing/walking first part of a session.  This was about 45 minutes before she departed and my plan was to turn my usuals Aless session into a full mid-morning Anero session.
    In anticipation of massive precum evacuation during this ‘working’ session, I came up with a fool proof plan.  I took a large party balloon, filled it with air to stretch it, then I cut the neck off but a little further down into the balloon itself.  The cut made the balloon fit precisely over the glans without cutting the circulation.  I was able to enjoy walking around and then enjoy my entire session without having to worry about leakage.  When all was done, the balloon had contained every single drop without a mess.
    A few years ago, I had done that to enjoy a bate session while driving on a business trip.  This is better than diapers (I never used those) or safety towels.
    I plan to do this again, possibly this Thursday.
    Life is wonderful


    • Avatar for goldenboy


      11/15/2016at5:35 pm

      @GGringo You’re very creative! I have found that in my case, using a “safety towel” is quite arousing in my Aless sessions and it will also keep any precum leakage in check at the same time.

    • Avatar for GGringo


      11/15/2016at8:06 pm

      @goldenboy I agree with you about the towel; this balloon solution works when I’m walking around or working in my shop.

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      12/02/2016at8:42 pm

      Personally I think dripping all over is a lot of fun.

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