• Dreamland: The Next Chapter

    There’s no other way to describe this other than an euphoric night when all of the stars aligned, and a lot of pre-work which finally paid off in rapture.

    We were alone with my partner in our cabin that we rented, aroused after a few days of foreplay and talking in sexual themes, until we’ve decided that it is time for a small edible and taking things slowly. After it kicked in, we’ve relaxed with a massage using almond oil, which started to feel really good, and I decided to ride him. He was already on edge by the time I started and that ended things quickly with him having a really good orgasm, but we both knew that things were just getting started. Edibles give us little to none of the refractory period, so he was soon ready to continue.

    I asked him to give me a nipple massage. First there was little to none of the sensation I was expecting, but as I started relaxing and quietly moaning, my body started to electrify and one by one I had three or four dry orgasms. Each one was stronger than the previous, and they slowly began to be accompanied in P-waves. Finally, I felt myself drifting, amplifying the sounds of the nature around us, whilst my body sunk into the mattress, and what I’ve had then I can describe only as an intoxicating full body orgasm in which you start to lose your grip on reality just for a few seconds.

    We’ve stopped as he was hard again, and I went in for a second ride. This time it was different. He lasted much longer, and I could feel every inch of his cock as it massaged me slowly from the inside. I switched speeds a few times, but soon started to drift again, losing physical sensation everywhere but there. I could feel my ass grip his cock in waves of feral pleasure, that I could not even describe. This was a first, I never felt this before. It lasted for several minutes as I was writhing and squirming with pleasure, as my anal orgasms started blending one with the next. Finally, he came again, and I fell back onto the bed exhausted. We walked outside and could smell the fresh night air, glad that there are no neighbours around.

    When we returned, we lied back down on the bed, and as he rested quietly, I turned on my belly and slowly inserted my Progasm that I brought to see what would happen. I didn’t think it could match what I’ve just experienced, but of course it did. The Progasm completely melted inside me until I felt that I myself was an orgasm, that I was godlike, and that I was raptured somehow. It was just a transcending experience that lasted for about 5 to 10 minutes with me completely immobile and just breathing deep into the pillow. Finally, my partner tapped me on the shoulder.

    It was time for me to fuck him. I know he waited a long time for this and gave me nipple and anal orgasms, and watched as I had a prostate orgasm, with Aneros, a little jealous of the attention I was getting from the toy. So, I turned on my back, slowly stroked my frenulum until I was dripping with precum and became hard as a rock. I then made love to him, fucking him endlessly in several positions, and what seemed to result in a mutual breathing orgasm (he told me it was dry for him) as I finally ejaculated inside of him, with each orgasmic pulse that we’ve both felt coursing through our bodies. That should have been it, but I know I can also cum multiple times on an edible.

    So, the evening really ended with me ready for a finishing touch, a nice and slow HJ that was accompanied by a long screaming traditional orgasm, and it just feels that much more intense on an edible.

    We ate sandwiches that we brought and that tasted amazing, watched a part of movie on my iPad, and fell asleep soon after gloating with joy. I woke up the next morning and stroked myself to two more orgasms and my partner gave a blow job after we returned from a quick hike. This was a spectacular 24 hours, accompanied by nature.

    I’ve never felt that a combination of nipple, anal, prostate, and traditional orgasms is something that was possible or something that my body would allow me. And to do it with my partner. I believe that the setting, surroundings and relaxation helped.

    On the other hand, we’ve had to experiment for a few years with what we both like and don’t like, and how to take things slowly, don’t stress over our projects or domestic issues. It is also important that neither of us are envious of what the other is feeling, aiming instead to maximise the pleasure. We also only have an edible on a rare occasion, when we both have plenty of time and will not be disturbed. And that our sexual journey continues to surprise us and that we are looking forward for things to come.

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