• Definite Progress

    Today was another breakthrough session. I had what I would classify as a dry mini-o. I was about 30 minutes into my session when some p-waves started to kick in. At first I attempted to really pursue these feelings, but I must have been over thinking things and everything initially faded away. A couple minutes later another p-wave kicked in. This time I just decided to let go and just enjoy the ride no matter where it took me. Well it took me to a new height. The p-wave became more and more intense and then all of the sudden I was overcome with a feeling that had so far eluded me. Until now all that would happen would be a steady rise in tension and energy, followed by a plateau. Well this time I reached where I would normally plateau and then had a sensation of release. My entire body was the most relaxed that it had ever been. These new feelings lasted for maybe a minute and then subsided. This was followed by another set p-waves, but I must have been too excited by what had just happened because I would only reach that plateau.
    I know that what I experienced must have been a mini-o because at the end of my session I had no desire to finish off with a traditional orgasm.
    Quite interesting how every breakthrough comes in these small steps.

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