• Deeper & deeper, subtle & delicate Aneros sweetness

    Hi guys,
    I find that my Aneros sessions go much better when I do them absolutely first thing in the morning after getting up from my night's sleep. I am at my freshest, most well-rested, and alert state, making for really good sessions which have been the rule the last couple months.
    For the title of this blog entry, I use the expression of "deeper and deeper, subtle and delicate" Aneros focus. For this type of focus, a "do nothing" approach is essential. Invariably subtle and delicate breathing with occasional anal contractions enable me to do "deeper and deeper" with my Aneros tools. This focus upon my Aneros tools autof*ck me in unimaginable ways is absolutely sweet.
    Such was my experience yesterday morning. Eupho Classic with its slim, yet long shape opens most of my sessions. It opens me up for my larger models.
    The next Aneros tool used is the Helix Classic. Until the arrival of the Helix Syn in March 2012, most guys began their Aneros journey with Helix Classic. Since I had no anal play experience whatsoever, the Helix Syn was ideal for taking my anal virginity. The Helix Syn was great in my initial attempts in Anerosing in my first two months before graduating to Maximus in early August 2012. Yet I adore Helix Classic now for its aggressive shape in exercising and massaging my prostate. It produces now paroxysms of sweet Aneros pleasure with minimal effort.
    Maximus with its relatively thick length, my anal musculature accommodates perfectly as it autof*cks me so wonderfully. I like to focus upon the autof*ck action that the Maximus delivers me. It enable me to appreciate and adore the Maximus as my manly tool!
    Tempo stars in pretty much all my sessions. Tempo with its stainless steel heft and its robust shape exercises and tones my anal musculature very much like a set of barbells in a gym for weight training. In a way, Tempo with its very name is similar to a musical metronome in teaching Aneros rhythm!
    Finally Progasm Classic which I used yesterday is the Cadillac of the Aneros line, with the possible exception of the Tempo. Progasm has girth which fills you up. Its girth certainly exercises and tones the muscles of my anal sphincter. But it also has girth and length that delivers manly exercise to my entire prostate. Now I like to go deeper and deeper with Progasm Classic and also its brother, Progasm Ivory, with subtlety and with delicateness. Progasm loves me toughly and tenderly. Progasm makes me glad that I am a man! Same thing with Maximus! I used Progasm Classic yesterday morning.
    I write the above section of this blog entry as foreplay for this morning's session which will begin in a few minutes. Also I am wearing a jock and cup combo which is ideal for doing delicate Kegels. The Kegels enable me to work with Aless in wonderful ways. For a long time, I enjoy focusing upon my Aless. This morning the jock and cup combo combined with subtle Kegeling and breathing get me deeper and deeper, and subtly and delicately with my Aless. Now I am ready for this morning's session!
    There is a hazard from having sessions every day. It is the law of diminishing returns. I didn't get the intense pleasure that I wanted from Eupho Classic and Helix Classic as I wanted. It seemed that my prostate had become more or less desensitized after having sessions five days in a row. So I focused on the more subtle sensations these two models produced this morning.
    With Maximus, it was a little better, but not great. Again greater focus on subtle, delicate sensations, little pleasures.
    With Tempo and Progasm Ivory much better, though not optimum. Again the focus on the little pleasures.
    The rest of the day was blustery and cold outdoors which affected how I felt indoors in my heated apartment. Yet, the session combined with the cold weather has made me tired. I have one major consolation though, and that is Aless.
    Take care.

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