• The Aneros autof**k & Aneros surfing

    Hi guys,
    I had an enjoyable session early yesterday morning using the models above. Everything went well through Tempo. However I had a big bowel movement coming on afterwards which forced me to use my bathroom. That event preempted using Progasm Ivory. Nevertheless, I enjoyed sweet Aless for hours afterward. So I was thinking of having an early evening session last night with MGX which I hadn't used in a very long time, followed by Maximus, Tempo, and Progasm Ivory. Some distractions caused me to scrap the additional session, maybe later on today in the early evening.
    Right now I am in a very deep afterglow of Aless after having perhaps one of my intense Aneros sessions ever this morning! Damn, I am so horny! Aless sweetness has pervaded my entire sexual apparatus, especially my testicles, penis, perineum, my entire groin or "man area" [as Mark Littell, inventor of the Nutty Buddy athletic cup, calls it], even my whole body and consciousness, but the sexual energy is centered or rooted in my prostate. Doing occasional Kegels pours fuel on this sexual fire in my loins which makes me glad that I am a man!
    I will now speak in some detail about the Aneros autof**k which is mentioned in the Aneros Wiki and stated as one of the Aneros milestones. At age 65, I am still a virgin when it comes to fucking. I think I will remain virgin in this primal human experience of procreation. So I have never fucked or been fucked, male or female, in my whole life. STD's such as HIV/AIDS has deterred me from this one human experience, perhaps regretfully.
    But the Aneros autof**k is perhaps the best gift the Aneros has given me! Looking through my blog here, I noticed that the Aneros autof**k begin with Maximus in October 2012, about three months into my Aneros journey. Then it happened in early 2013 with the Progasm which was a rapid jackhammer autof**k, very gratifying.
    When I began using Tempo in late November 2013, Tempo taught me Aneros rhythm, almost immediately! Tempo not only introduced to me Aneros rhythm, but even gave me a leap into Aneros pleasure, which is so sweet and gratifying!
    The Eupho Classic is ideal for giving me an autof**k which are long and slow fuck strokes, even more so varying strokes, especially sweet! Same thing with the other models listed above. I have come to love Helix Classic in which I can commune with him, enjoy his presence upon my prostate, and let him fuck him. It was not always so.
    Maximus has been an absolute favorite for real long time. I just love him when he's inserted. Just knowing he's next to my prostate and caressing this essential organ in my anatomy fills me with pleasure, delight, and gratitude. It was not always so because he would slip out through peristalsis and his presence in me was so uncomfortable. Now when I insert him, pleasure fills my senses and consciousness. Maximus fucks me so sweetly and powerfully.
    Tempo, not only has taught me Aneros rhythm, but also throws an amazing fuck. The genius of Tempo is that I can walk about the apartment, or sit at my PC, or lie down on my futon, with him comfortably inserted. His heavy heft in my anal tract is a type of weight training for exercising and strengthening my anal musculature.
    Finally Progasm in the Classic, Ice, and Ivory versions in a way is perhaps a sine qua non or the epitome of Anerosing. I just adore Progasm Classic, and next to it, Progasm Ivory, in delivering a robust prostate massage through its girth, length, and its K and P knobs. Surprising Progasm autof**k action is not evident on the surface, but when I work with Progasm in a subtle way, then the Progasm throws a real sweet autof**k!
    Like I said already, the Aneros in its various models does fuck! There is no denying that. It is the various strokes and lengths of the Aneros autof**k that takes my breath away. Very much like tough and tender loving. To find a sexual partner who loves in a both tough and tender manner is quite a find. Even better when such a partner becomes a dear friend. So with the Aneros for me!
    When I am engaged in the Aneros autof**k with my various models or tools, I notice that there are waves or crescendos of pleasure building and even lessening. It is where the term Aneros surfing enters in. So I like to enter into these waves of pleasure engendered by the Aneros autof**k, riding them like a surfer. It is closely akin to what I call Aneros edging similar to edging found when a guy or gal masturbates. So ideally one masturbate rides or surf the edge of ejaculatory inevitability for long as possible. This has been my focus when I Aneros in recent months. This morning I was really on a roll when I went from tool to tool while engaging in the Aneros autof**k and Aneros surfing. Take care!
    P.S. Upon reflection several hours after composing this blog entry, an insight came to me. Ejaculatory inevitability in a guy is a tipping point of no return when he realizes that he is going to shoot his cum. Ejaculatory inevitability is perhaps a millimeter or several seconds before he knows he going to cum. That threshold is accompanied by a surge of pleasure results most of the time in his orgasm and ejaculation of his semen!
    Experienced masturbators through edging ride the cusp of the wave of ejaculatory inevitability or even several or innumerable such waves. When he finally allows himself to cum, he cums big and experiences tremendous pleasure!
    Experienced lovers do the same thing when making lover to their partners. Experienced lovers will seek to pleasure their partners awesomely before experiencing such themselves.
    I have been endeavoring in the last couple months to engage in Aneros surfing by reaching this tipping point of Aneros pleasure. Perhaps I may experience my first Super-O in the process!
    I add as I engage in the Aneros autof**k and Aneros surfing is that I am gradually develop greater control during my sessions. The instructions at the Aneros Learning Center encourage learning such control.

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