• Deeper and Deeper

    I’ve had a few sessions this week, all being fine but nothing to write home about, p-waves, mini-o’s and so on.

    I though for todays session I’d mix things up a little. I’ve not used the Helix syn trident for awhile so after the usual douche and lube I started there, fifteen to twenty minuets in and I’m not getting anything, zilch. I swap out the Helix for the Progasm and lie back and adjust to weird sensations that comes with the bigger size of the Progasm. After half an hour I tentatively try some contractions of my sphincter and P.C muscles, I can feel the direct pressure on my prostate and get a positive reaction, this comes in the form of a warm glowing buzz, again after awhile nothing seems to be happening, so I’m thinking maybe this session will be a dud? After all it happens.

    I try one of my favourites the Eupho syn trident, following on from the Progasm this ultra slim device glides in without a problem. I apply light contractions which results in a familiar feeling deep within my core, a sensation that’s hard to describe, its like a dull ache from deep down inside my pelvis.
    As I regulate and concentrate on my breathing I find my self inadvertently contracting my sphincter by pulling the contraction forward into my body and rolling it over to my PC muscle in one continuous rolling movement, like its on its own elliptical trajectory, the warm ticking sensation its creating is just delicious, I keep rolling with it until I feel my first Super-O of the day washing over me, time becomes irrelevant, minuets seem like hours as I fall deep world of orgasmic bliss. With a finely tuned subtle contraction I’ve learned that its possible to hold the afterglow of a Super-O and reignite it by very gently reapplying pressure, this I did and one Super-O merged into another.

    Fast forward through many more pleasurable waves of pleasure and I’m now feeling the urge to pee, I know I won’t but I hold the sensation until my sphincter pulses and my cock dances and spasms, it feels like I’m cummimg, as if thick wads of cum should be shooting all over the place, but no, there’s nothing. Another Dry-O and only my second ever.

    For those of you that aren’t familiar with my journey with the Aneros family, its been five years since i purchased my first Helix Syn and after many years out in the wilderness searching I only became rewired in the past six month, and oh boy! What a ride its been since that first Super-O.
    I now seem to be able to go deeper and further into the unknown, to places of intense and unimaginable pleasure than I could ever of dreamed of.
    All I know is that the majority of what you read about on this platform is real, these out-of-this-world experiences are there to be had, it just takes time and the ability to really relax body and mind.

    Keep searching my friends, its worth it.

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