• Deep Aneros “liquid” penetration : early Friday morning session, November 16

    Hi guys,

    Once again I had a session with my favorite Aneros models, MGX, Maximus, and Progasm ICE this morning. This session happened after four days of excessive cold and two days of rain with snow and ice mixed in yesterday Thursday.

    Once again my Aneros tools penetrated deeply and even reached around my prostate and “grabbed” it. But this morning I spent quality time with each of my models. It seemed that they penetrated deeply in “liquid” fashion.

    I have had amazing Aless since 6:30 this morning which I am savoring. Take care!

    Update at 8:50 p.m.: A little while ago, I dressed in sweatpants and a navy blue Under Armour cold gear mock, comfortable night clothes for bedtime. The Under Armour shirt ideal for nipple diddling. Wow! I have had sweet powerful and sweet Aless all day long. Diddling and Kegeling revs up my Aless. I may stay up several hours yet, but before I go to bed, I will don a BIKE jock and cup underneath my sweatpants for beautiful genital intimacy all night long. Perhaps tomorrow I’ll have another session mid morning or midday. Take care!

    Update Saturday November 17 @1:45 p.m. This morning I had an Aneros session with the same models as yesterday which was pretty much the same, but it certainly felt real good. It certainly gave me solid Aless which I am still savoring this afternoon.

    However, when I am ready to have a session. I lube up my bunghole with a coating of extra virgin olive oil. I use my the middle finger of either my left hand to apply it. Some mornings my bunghole is dry; some mornings it is wet. It doesn’t really matter. But using my middle finger is an applicant is certainly erotic. I enjoy “fucking” myself in this manner.


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      11/17/2018at11:49 am

      @BigGlansDC I think I understand your use of the word “liquid”. I think it’s that feeling that when your Aneros tool is perfectly matched to your internal male anatomy, you really don’t feel the outline of the tool anymore! Hence, a “liquid” is stimulating you! Does this make sense?

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      11/17/2018at6:55 pm

      @goldenboy, it certainly does in the erotic thoughts running through my mind! However I have never fucked a woman, i.e. have had vaginal intercourse with one. To you and other married men out there, do you think that having vaginal intercourse with a sexually stimulated or aroused women (most likely through foreplay and making out) is liquid or moist in feeling or texture?

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      11/20/2018at3:17 pm

      @BigGlansDC, I posted the following on the General Forum site:

      @BigGlansDC your question is somewhat difficult to answer; it’s almost like describing the sensations of an Aneros session to someone who has never experienced it but what the heck, here goes:

      I don’t know if I can say that having intercourse with a woman can be compared to intercourse in “liquid’.  Depending on the mood of the woman at time of having sex, the level of moisture inside the vagina varies from time to time and from woman to woman.  Often, (in our case anyways) we need lubrication and sometimes, even with lubrication, it can be irritating for her (huge mood killer for both).

      Age has a lot to do with the quality of the sensations.  In my young days, natural lubrication from both parties was plentiful and irritation was rare unless the act was done on a beach; sand in the mix is not very pleasurable.  Age also affects frequency of “I’m in the mood” and again, for me, after 41 years married,  we are down to 4 to 6 times year, qualifying for a sexless relationship but i’m not complaining as we have adapted and life is wonderful. The advantage of not doing it often is that the vagina is much tighter than average. The disadvantage is I can’t get in very deep without causing her pain and discomfort. I once had a GF who enjoyed inserting anything big (coke bottles for instance) and for me, sex was better done with my hands.

      Contrary to traditional masturbating, in penile sex acts, the glans is engaged all the time which adds sensations over and above the ones felt from the frenulum and the rest of the act.  Also, in deep strokes, the bumping of the pelvic bone (above the penis) can add to the enjoyment as there are several nerve endings in that area. I must say it’s been a while since I bumped my pelvic bone as sex has become very sensitive to my better half.

      I don’t know if I answered your question or not but this exercise had me thinking hard about how to describe something that is so natural to the humans.

      Good vibes to you.

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