• Day 1 – 22

    My experiences with anal play are limited. Tried a dildo and som BP`s before, but never knowing that the prostate and connected parts can give us med Super-O`s or MMO`s.
    This will be a work in progress, maybe it can help someone in the future or help me keep track. Please feel free to comment or give me advice! From now on I will put up a new journal entry every session – I can put it in this thread or in new threads if the OPS prefer it.
    First session )Day 1(
    Decided buying the Helix. Bought it after reading through most of the info on this site and the wiki`s. Read discussions here for maybe 25-30 hours before deciding to try it.
    First day.. Helix slipped right in. Used som petroleum jelly and some silicone based lube. Huge invoulantary anal contractions sucking it really deep in at the start. Hard to stop it, but tried my best since I read it could be counterproductive. It`s the feeling that you just HAVE to suck it up there, and so you get a combined anal and PC contraction sucking it waaay in there.
    Didn`t feel that I had much control over the difference between anal contraction )where you squeeze the aneros(, and the rectal contraction )only sphincter without the PC muscle(, and rectal with PC )alot bigger contraction inwards using spinchter while activating PC muscle as well(.
    Did the exercises that came with the helix. Found the deep breaths to kill all the good feelings. Alos felt the Helix didn`t hit the right spot. That almost burning good feeling when you press at it MUST be the prostate. Tried pushing the Helix further out to that spot without much luck.
    Other than this, the exercises got me tired. Felt my anal muscles got a really good workout.
    Second session )Day 2(
    Anticipation had me going at it the next day. I wanted to succeed in achieving my Super-O.
    Lubed up and slipped in the helix, felt some twitching and I was better able to fend off the first huge “invoulantary” anal contractions as recommended on the Aneros site. Had two of them though…
    Tried out different positions and felt I had better control over my muscles, could “set” the squeezes to low, medium and high power, rather than starting one that would immediately go to high power by itself.
    Still felt it didn`t hit the spot, felt better on the way out further down my canal.
    Third session )day 4(
    Got a days rest inbetween sessions. Experimenting with lubes. One lube gave me a feeling of diarrhea immediately when using 2ml. Stopped using this lube by Aneros forum recommendations.
    Lots of petroleum jelly and an aqua based lube, 2ml worked fine.
    This was a morning session, the two other sessions were mid-day sessions.
    Wanted to try going with my feelings and do what felt good.
    Ended up attatching a rubber band over my C&B )cock&balls(, I then attatched this to the tab of the Helix. Also I made a rubber-hat for the tab so that it wouldn`t bury deep into my pernium when I had my deep invoulantary contractions.
    When the rubber band was on the helix seemed to be pushed against my prostate and at the same time be dragged a bit out. Couldn`t push hard without it being sucked right out.
    On the other hand I found myself groaning and panting. Pure pleasure from my prostate.. And no- this wasn`t penile stimulation like some here on the forum thought. Try attaching a rubber band that way – it actually hurts.
    Got a hard-on a few times during the session. Tried different positions, up on all fours etc. Felt something build up inside me, but never could get a “release”. Seems like I was thinking it should be like an ejaculation. Never the less it felt good. Also had a few drops of precum.
    Began to think that a small amount of feces upon removal of the Aneros was normal until my second BM that usually happens during the session. Also, I felt much more movement in the aneros when pushing out this time – concluded that this must be because of the second BM where I had to go a second time.
    This session – like my previous sessions ended up being about 3hr sessions. Time flies when you`re having a good time.
    Fourth session )same day(
    Couldn`t help myself after having had a bit of luck earlier. Inserted it in the evening and preceded to fall asleep. This time without the rubber band. Had no sensations, and fell asleep. Woke up five hours later and hadn`t really slept well. Was hoping for and waiting for some good reactions down there, but all it got me was me sleeping badly )almost awake(. Being afraid I would expel it in my sleep and make a mess. Won`t be doing that again any time soon.
    Fifth session )day 6(
    Put the Helix inn, well lubed and extra petroleum jelly. Bought a doushe that I used beforehand to clean up.
    Tried the do nothing approach. Had some “flutters” and twitching in the canal in the start. Could almost feel it tingling a bit and MIGHT be some kind of short wave of sensations. But not a physical wave in my canal.
    I wonder what experienced users mean my “waves”. Do they mean that the muscles make involuntary waves or is it the “build up” in sensation getting stronger then subsiding like I felt.
    Tried exercises after the do nothing approach on my side stopped bearing fruits. Had a MUCH better control now. Could hold an anal contraction at 10-20-30% and could also almost massage the aneros with a contraction. Could feel my canal clamp down around it a lot better than before.
    Same experience as before, deep breaths kill most of the build up in sensations.
    The exercise program on Wiki )probably from B Mayfield( gave me better contact with my prostate without the rubber band. Could feel the pulse in the prostate after those exercises WITHOUT the rubber band. Awesome, but not the good feelings I got with groaning, precum and such as I got with the rubber band pressing the helix to my prostate.
    Ended the session. Less residue of feces on the tip this time. Will eat more fiber before bedtime going forward..
    Sixth session )day 11…I think(
    Have made a decision to stop using the rubber band and going to try waking my prostate with contractions like described in many posts by experienced users.
    Still get flutters and twitches in the start. Can hold off the huge invoulentaries completely now in the start. Easier to slide the helix in at the start, just one breath and it pops into place. I now have to suck it in there with a rectal contraction I think. Before it would suck itself into place.
    No progress from other sessions but more control.
    Can suck it in with something like a body contraction without using my PC muscle or rectal contraction. Can control my anal contraction to massage and clamp down on the Helix much harder and keep it going a lot longer. Sucking it in and pushing it out doesn`t really give me much. I miss the feeling of pressure on the prostate that the rubber band gave me. Feels like the Helix just isn`t hitting my prostate without it.
    Decided to order the MGX classic and the Progasm Ice to see if they hit the spot better.
    Seventh session )day 17( ENTER THE PROGASM AND THE MGX
    Got my new package, started out with the Helix. Got the flutters and twitches as normal when trying the do nothing approach in the start. When they subsided and stopped I slid in the MGX. Still didn`t hit the spot but seemed fuller. A bit disappointed that it didn`t feel much better.
    Slid in the Progasm ICE after lubing up a bit more. Switched to 5ml of olive oil and petroleum jelly on the “rim”. Read it on the forum. Seems like the perfect natural lube.
    It slid into place after some work, ALMOST felt a bit of tearing in the start, but was able to work it in there eventually. A real good feeling of being filled up. A lot harder to do any exercises with the Progasm, but did my best.
    The do nothing approach gave me nothing after the helix, not with the MGX and not with the Progasm.
    Also the progasm slid out a little by little, and really easy if I stood up.
    Tried a lot of different positions, but didn`t get any feeling of it moving by itself or anything of the sort. The feeling was REALLY good when it was on it`s way out, because I think my prostate is a bit further down. Measured my prostate to start 1 ½ inches up.
    Progasm felt good when only the tip was in there, felt less when all of it was in there.
    Eight session )day 20(
    No flutters or twitching in the start. Went right for the MGX. Do nothing approach didn`t bare any fruits. Think maybe I am now doing this to practice instead of being horny or wanting any good feelings. May also have been that I had sex with my GF the last few days.
    Did my exercises with both MGX and Progasm. Proasm doesn`t slide out now, and I can control it by clamping down on it )anal contraction(, pushing out )although it doesn`t really move out(, and I can suck it in by both PC+Rectal/sphincther contraction, and by the traditional body muscles to suck it farther in.
    Ninth session )day 22 – TODAY(
    Did the wiki routine as laid out. Breath control – rhythmic, contractions, holding contractions for 10-12 secs while breathing etc. Could feel the same as with the helix. It got my prostate pulsing with my heart beat. Other than that it just gave me the feeling of being filled up which is quite good.
    For my next session – after two days break at least, I`m going to try the “do nothing” approach with the Progasm first. If it doesn`t work I`ll take it out and try the do nothing approach with the Helix. If there still is nothing I`ll try the exercises with the Helix to mix things up a bit.
    Feel I`ve tried it all now. Best position is on my side – where I get the twitches and flutters. Exercises are done both spread eagle on my belly, pillow beneath my ass so it can move freely, on all fours and on the side. On the side seems to be the best so far.
    Going to try put aside my expectations and shorten down my sessions. My sessions have been usually from 2hrs to 5hrs – no pain.. just a feeling of the muscles down there getting a bit tired.

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