• I can't believe it's real.. my first super O!

    Wow.. haven't posted for a while because I had to many sessions and thought it would take a looong time before my first super-O. I will try to update with every session I have had since my last entry. Luckily I have a good memory…

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  • Ninth session )day 25(

    So I'm on the vinter cabin with familt this weekend. Struggled to find some alone time. Had a big BM, ate dinner, went to "rest" and slept for half an hour. Woke up and lubed up. Slipped the helix in an started doing my exercises….

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  • Day 1 – 22

    My experiences with anal play are limited. Tried a dildo and som BP`s before, but never knowing that the prostate and connected parts can give us med Super-O`s or MMO`s. This will be a work in progress, maybe it can help someone in the future…

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