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    I find lately how important it is for me to practice this Aneros thing daily. For those that don't know, I'm a grinder. No, not a sandwich. This is the term we use for us small minority of men that take well over a year to figure this thing out. I've been at this for over seven years with only the very occasional mini-O for orgasmic results in the last year, maybe a bit longer.
    So like I was saying, it seems my body does better and my prostate becomes much more sensitive and awoken when I can do Aneros plus some solo dildo play daily. As an example, prior to Friday I had a string of several days in a row of sessions and was having very nice (non-orgasmic) pleasure and a very awoken and sensitive prostate. I missed having a session on Friday. And then on Saturday I couldn't even get my prostate to arouse, swell and feel sensations. Basically a dud pre-Aneros warm up and session. Rather upsetting in the sense that sometimes my schedule just doesn't work out to have daily sessions. Weird how we are all very different in our journey's and body responses to these toys.

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      09/07/2014at11:18 am

      A grinder sandwich! I haven't heard that since I lived in Connecticut. I guess I'm a grinder too then, .a meatball grinder. It's been well over a year since I started. I too began to learn with solo dildo play.

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