So, Crimsonwolf was a meteor across the Aneros community skies.. He rapidly found himself very successfully anerosing and just as quickly Alessing “all the way”.
    Here is something he posted to a forum thread that I had started (I had completely forgotten about) in 2014, called “Telling your Friends [about Aneros]. That thread is kind of interesting all by itself. Here it is:
    03-15-2015, 06:59 AM
    Greetings, Gentlemen –
    I wanted to post this earlier today, but I had too much going on. So here we go…
    A lot has changed since I had my first multiples/super-os. I’ve been asked how I’ve managed to start getting these without using a toy, or a-less, as some might say. As happy as I am to share any information with you gents, I’m a bit hesitant to do this, because I do not wish to send anyone down a path that may cause delays in their experience of pleasure and self-awareness.
    In order for me to explain this from my perspective, I’m going to say some things that some might find disagreeable. What has proven effective for me may not help you in any way, but I do believe that we are, in fact, more similar than we are different. As such, I don’t think it’s unreasonable for anyone to describe their personal bodily experience, as long as it’s understood that it’s not meant to be advice. Ok?
    On with it…
    I had my first mmo/super-o’s on January 27th of this year, and have gotten to the point where I’m getting fairly consistent results – which is another way of saying that I haven’t since walked away from any session unsatisfied. There are a few fundamental things that I’ve come to learn/accept about myself and my sort-of orgasmic potential:
    1. First realization: If I can’t tell what my muscles are doing without a toy in, it is pointless to try and figure it out when I DO have one in. It’s literally like fumbling in the dark.
    2. Doing slow, sensitive contractions and breathing WITHOUT a toy inserted was vital to growing my awareness. I specifically practiced the “tug of war” exercises before receiving my MGX, but now I do none at all.
    3. Somehow or another, my left nipple feels almost hardwired to my prostate, and the right one is getting there…more on this in a moment.
    4. It seems there is almost always the innate potential for an orgasm, kind of “running in the background” – like a river that will sweep you away if you dip your foot in at just the right time.
    5. This type of orgasm is paradoxical to me. It is both energizing and exhausting – and bears a striking resemblance to deep crying. A physical and emotional release, complete with tears.
    6. After I’ve been laying there, cumming my ass off for an hour, finishing with a traditional orgasm is nice, but sooo not necessary, and honestly takes a lot of concentration…and really, I think there’s something devious going on there, kids. There’s a hidden little truth that I’ll get to in a moment.
    7. My cock feels like it’s being fine-tuned. At 48, to have the kind of raging, tingly hard-on that Viagra cannot duplicate, is nothing short of revolutionary. It never felt this good, even as a teenager.
    Ok, so those are a few little things that I’ve begun assimilating. To explain further, I have to tell you how my orgasms kind of work. First thing you should understand is that I NEVER consciously, willfully contract anything during an Aneros session…UNLESS, I’m ready to finish with a traditional orgasm…and here’s that hidden little truth I mentioned a minute ago…
    Contracting to build to a SUPER orgasm does not work.
    For me.
    (And I suspect for a LOT of other guys.)
    Contracting to build to a TRADITIONAL orgasm does work…and almost “nullifies” any other type of pleasure by doing so.
    I stand by those words. Here’s why: While we’re all told by this post or that website to avoid touching your penis during a session, in truth, you’re only in danger of prematurely ejaculating if you are actively contracting your PC muscle. How can I know this to be true?
    I cannot achieve a super orgasm without relaxing EVERYTHING. When my body contracts on its own, I do not try to “help” – on the contrary, I sort of target that tense/tingly spot for relaxation. (This is during a specifically hands-free, no other stimulus but the Aneros session. Once the first orgasm crashes over me, all bets are off, and I might engage in all manner of outside stimulation.) If I want a traditional orgasm, I have to re-focus, and THAT is when I contract my PC muscle, and not before.
    About 3 weeks ago, I had started a session, and it was going really slow – it felt really good, but it was like there was some tension down there holding things at bay. Just as an experiment, and because I like the idea of confusing my senses, I lightly caressed my left nipple and almost immediately after, very lightly squeezed the end of my cock with my other hand. Going back and forth between, kind of slowly…squeeze, caress, squeeze, was just exquisite. The effect was almost immediate, as if I was winding up, or something, and it sent me into full super-o bliss. If I keep doing the squeeze thing, slowly, the orgasms keep coming, getting more and more intense each time.
    The kind of stimulus/response I get from doing this squeezing thing brings to mind the idea of spinning a basketball on one finger – the ball is already spinning, but I’m just kind of “helping” it spin by applying a little “nudge.” At the risk of hyperbole, I have to say that it’s pretty fucking awesome.
    I don’t do this in every session, but almost. It’s almost like there are 2 kinds of multiple orgasm going on with me – one that is focused almost entirely in the rectum, and one that is focused in the penile area. The latter is the most satisfying, as it feels the most complete to me, and it’s the one that’s brought on by the squeezing thing.
    Fast forward to two days ago…I had been doing some writing for a couple of hours, and felt the “itch,” so to speak. I was going to get myself ready for an Aneros session, but something told me to just go lay down for a minute. I stretched out on my bed, got VERY relaxed, and was kind of resolved to just having a traditional instead of lubing up, etc. Then, just for fun, I tried doing the squeeze-squeeze thing (or some variation of squeezing/caressing/stimulating, etc.) like I just described for you. Imagine my surprise when the “wind up” starts happening…I kept doing it, and holy shit, a super-o within less than 5 minutes, and with no toy!
    It takes about 3 or 4 “waves” before the super hits me, but those build up waves feel SO good. I think a lot of the reason this works for me is that my nipples feel inexorably linked to my prostate – I think of this as a stimulation anchor, and I probably established the link during a session back in January, before I ever super-o’d.
    Hope this gives you an idea about how this is all working for me. I am a bit eccentric, I know this. I have no clue where all this is leading, but I’m very grateful for having discovered what I have so far. As I’ve said before, I am a very happy guy.
    I’ll answer any questions you all may have, but I think I’m zeroing-in on an understanding of this (with me, anyway.)
    Have a great day, Gentlemen – happy motoring.

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      03/05/2018at2:00 pm

      @Armon-neat thank you for bringing these posts to the present. I found all three of them very informative and interesting. They inspire me to really concentrate on my body’s vibes rather than the fantasies I’m often immersed in.
      The older posts in this forum are filled with great information that we too often overlook.
      Good vibes to you.

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