• Continued success

    Hello, all. Great news today! I seem to be on a fast track to full rewiring lately! My latest session was my best yet. I tried a different position than usual, laying on my side with both knees up in the fetal position. I just laid like that the whole time and did some light contractions. Before long I was able to concentrate on building the arousal by keeping focused on the sensations.
    This was nothing new but soon I found that I was reaching new levels of buildup. Every stroke of the toy started to feel amazing. At one point things felt so great that I imagined that these must be the same kind of sensations that women feel when they get fucked. It was absolutely wonderful! This continued for a little while and my level of arousal went down unfortunately. I then fished up with the best super t of my life! I swear, I must be getting soooo close to that super o. I can feel it.
    If I do finally get there I promise you guys will be the first to know!

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