• Chuckjo Graup Chat February 7-8, 2015

    Fellow Anerosers and members of the community:
    Many of the Aneros community have had the good fortune to get to know Chuckjo2000 and his special knowledge and abilities to train users (and non-users) in managing our own internal energies for our benefit and pleasure. Of course, he cannot reach everyone in a simple way and there are many of you who have wanted to benefit from his amazing talents. Chuckjo2000 has asked of those who recently benefited from his exercises to “spread the word” about his unique techniques for distributing energy around your body and it results in some of the most powerful experiences you may have, Aneros less.
    The following transcript is from two separate sessions that Chuckjo2000 shared with chatters on the 7th and 8th of February 2015.
    I’ve pretty much copied the transcript verbatim, with a few simple additions and corrections and some notes. Of course, any reference to the participants has been removed.
    You should first read through the entire transcript, and then, before beginning any “test” or exercise/maneuver, read over the details of the individual maneuver so that when you perform it, you can do it without interruption. Like riding and other A-less activities, they are best done in a quiet and undisturbed location. But as Chuckjo2000 points out, the last level of accomplishment in these sessions includes an amazing tool for enabling you to call on these new abilities that you will gain wherever you want and whenever.
    Here’s Chuckjo, to walk you through his “tests” (as he calls his various maneuvers and exercises).
    I think most of us know, by now, that we have energy in us, yes? And with this energy……..we can move it around to parts of our bodies. So, for these tests…….I want you to just have some fun and relax into it
    Don’t look at it as a graded “test”. Rather………just enjoy the time you spend. Before starting, if you can remove your penis from your pants now, then do it so it’s not touching anything
    Let’s get started…
    This first test will involve touching parts of our bodies.
    1. Taking the index finger on the left hand…..: use the VERY tip of that finger, placing it on the VERY tip of the right nipple. You can do this through your shirt. Use GENTLE touch on this, and do NOT move it around. Keep the tip of the finger on the tip of the nipple…….and do NOT move it. Just hold it there…for 3 mins. As you continue to keep it in place, you MAY feel some energy/buzzing in your ass, or between your legs. Let it build. Continue to just let it build, and build, and BUILD. Relax as much as you can during this, try NOT to make anything happen
    Now , using this finger, I want you to move it back and forth……..tick/ tock……..over the dark area of the nipple, crossing over the tip of the nipple as you go from one side to the other. However….do this “tick/tock” movement SLOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. VERY VERY Slowly: Tick………………. tock……………nice………..and……………slowwwwwww. Keep doing this…and as you pass over the tip of the nipple, STOP and linger…just take your time. And let your body respond, and it will begin to orgasm. By now, you may be having some nice orgasmic sensations.
    Now, while you are doing this tick/tock with your left index finger, I want you to move the big toe on your left foot a bit just a tiny bit, move the big toe on left foot. Slowly move the toe up and down, up and down, very, very slowly.
    And now, we’ll add something else:
    I want you to continue with the finger ticktocking on the right nipple and open your RIGHT hand, straightening the fingers and bringing them together, palm side down. Take this flat palm now……and place it over your belly button…(BB). Hover about 2-4 inches above it and DO NOT touch the palm to your body, just hold it over the BB, and continue to do the nipple thingy while you’re holding your flattened palm over your BB area…..
    Now, I want you to…..slowly……move the palm toward your chest area….2 inches, then….reverse……and pass it back over your BB, continuing on downward toward your dick/balls. Then reverse again passing the palm over the BB again and continue this ‘back and forth motion. Slowwwwwwwwwwly!
    [SLOW is GOOD here. Fast is BAD!] As you pass over your BB, linger again and even stop, letting your body react.
    Try it now and enjoy!
    So now i want to go to JUST touchless stuff…
    NO touching from here on out:
    I have named some of these tests, so that if you hear the name later, you’ll know what it is referring to.
    The first one I’d like to teach is called…
    1. The Letter M:
    Using both hands..I want you to join the knuckles of the fingers ..so they are touching knuckle to knuckle at the first and second joints to form the letter M when you look at it from the side. Looking at your hands now, in front of you……..do you see a ‘M’? The fingers should be pointing down together, bent at the knuckles, to form the center leg of the M. Now, then, take the fingers……and line them up over your BB area. THEN, move this M upward, towards your chest………then downward, towards your dick/balls, focusing on the bb area, and as usual………SLOWLY, like a turtle. I’m serious…….the slower…..the better, You’re moving toward chest…then down, towards your dick/balls.
    Each time you go over the BB…..STOP, linger, and just let your body react. Continue to do this now…This can cause an erection…
    Do this a few more times now and feel what it does.
    2. The Letter C
    For the letter C, just remove 1/2 of the M (remove one hand) and move the fingers over the BB area, not touching the skin. Continue with the letter C for a bit and feel what it does.
    3. The TENT
    Using both hands now…..loosely intertwine the fingers, and as you do so, this formation should look like a domed tent. Do you see the tent? I want you to take this ‘tent’ and place it over your bb. The fingers of the left and right hands are clasping loosely. Place this domed tent of fingers over your BB…..about 6 inches in the air, and in a little, you’ll be lowering the tent downward…………extremely slowly, but not before you read and understand the next two paragraphs:
    As you lower the tent made by your fingers, I want you to picture the following: THIS IS IMPORTANT: Picture…………that you are using the tent to push a stick ‘right through you’ as you lower the finger tent.
    The stick is putting up a lot of resistance to the lowering of the tent. Push the stick with the tent, Push the stick with the tent… ………….push…….PUSH harder…….HARDER NOW. Really PUSHHHHHHHHHH as you very slowly lower the tent towards your BB, trying to overcome the resistance of the stick.
    [By now……your abs should be shaking. Your prostate……in full orgasm phase. Your stomach may jerk violently in a convulsion type jerking motion] This is a really intense movement of energy…

    Second Session with Chuckjo at about 7:40 am EST on 2/8 (About 40 min)
    Make a flat palm with your right hand. You’ll be using it to make LARGE circles over your belly/dick/balls area…with the belly button as the CENTER of this large circle. DO THEM SLOWLY. This is like a 2 foot diameter circle….palm DOWN. For each cycle………take 20 seconds. After doing this for several cycles, make a cycle take 30 seconds now. Your palm is circling the ‘universe’….that would be your belly button
    2. PIANO MAN
    Piano man is more subtle. It’s like a mild sensation…….but ohhhhhhhh, so nice. Picture……..someone at a piano now….and they are playing random notes……..nice and slow. The melody is simple, and their fingers are moving at random rates of speed…mostly slow. Now, Start to make the fingers of both your own hands imitate the piano man. Take this ‘movement’ of your fingers…….and focus the downward pointing fingers at your belly button, taking care to make the movements just slow and gentle, tiny, tiny movements of the fingers, Just randomly moving over your bb area. Slow, tiny movements–that’s all it takes. Your prostate/perineum should be very happy now. This is a very deep sensation. Enjoy it. Let your mind sink into it. Escape ………..let your mind wander now. Now , move the hands with the slowly moving piano playing fingers……ohhhhhhhhh, so…slowly …upward towards your chest, so that your left hand is over your left nipple and your right hand is over your right nipple, but never touching! And continue this movement of the fingers. THEN, move the fingers back downwards, in a V pattern…….so they come near each other, back towards your BB area. [Your abs may tighten. Your prostate may be pounding now. Your balls may be feeling tight].
    Continue this, Let it build. Zone out now…….Just allow your prostate to swell, pound, pulse. Just enjoy it !!
    3. The PINCH
    I want you to take the thumb and first 2 fingers and pinch them together, like getting a pinch of salt., Take this pinch (P) and hold it over your BB, 1 inch in the air over it. Just hold the Pinch still, don’t move it. Continue to hold it there for 2 minutes. Your prostate should be super happy right now, like you are on the verge of ejaculation. As we near the 2 min mark, we will be moving the Pinch upward…just a couple inches….along the centerline of your belly, keeping it close to the skin, about an inch away. Move it …….nice…………and……….SLOW now. Now, move it back downwards, towards your BB area. How does that feel?
    THE NEXT STEP: Visualizing all these maneuvers without actually doing them.
    I want you to ‘THINK’ , with your eyes closed or open….you choose. I want you to think about moving your hands……BUT you’re NOT GOING TO MOVE THEM………just ‘think’ the pinch, for example : moving over your BB, or THINK the piano man maneuver without actually doing it. Imagine these maneuvers happening to you and their effects on you, and and see how THAT works for you. You dont need to do the movements……..you have the magic now………Picture that domed tent……as it’s coming close to your BB.
    Chuckjo2000 said that you can do these exercises/maneuvers as you wish in any order. Once you have learned the method of doing them mentally by visualizing them and not even physically doing anything, you can do this in the dentist’s chair, or while you’re being bored in a business meeting, or while you’re at your sister in laws house. The ways you can work with this are endless…
    Here’s hoping that you get as much benefit from learning and doing these as those who were lucky enough to “be there” did in real time. And once you’ve mastered them, you might want to let your friends, but only your best friends in on them!

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