• Chat sessions are fun

    I participated in my first chat two weeks ago. It was a very interesting experience. From the moment I got on the chat, I started having p-waves and mini-o's. With encouragement from others, I had several dry-o's. We started experimenting with sending energy to each other. Several of us seemed to respond to this although I'm not 100% sure why. Perhaps it was the power of suggestion. Perhaps it was the erotic excitement of sharing this orgasmic experience with others. Or, perhaps there was really some energy transfer going on. Whatever it was, it felt really good. During that saturday, I believe I had something like 50 dry-o's (in several chat sessions). I also had a session with my Maximus followed by a super-t. On sunday I was completely and totally spent.
    This past weekend, I participated in the chat again. It was just as exciting as last time. More energy transfer. More orgasms (one I'd classify as a super-o…really really good). This one was somewhat unique in that, after it was over, I felt satiated.
    I really hope the chat stays open on weekends as I would like to continue to experiment with this energy transfer concept. I would encourage others who would like to do this as well to join me. Anerosless or with an aneros, it doesn't matter.

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