• Charlie

    I have decided to keep this blog in hopes that my experiences will help others along their journey of sexual exploration.

    I stumbled across the Aneros website early this month and decided that I had to see for myself what I was supposedly missing for the first 42 years of my life. I am straight, single and new to prostate/anal pleasure. I received my MGX three weeks ago and was pleased with what I experienced the very first session. I had one rockin' time. I felt things I never felt before, but I subsequently pushed too hard in the next few sessions and was a bit disappointed. I finally crossed the threshold into Super-O sensual Nirvana this past Monday by relaxing, taking my time, and allowing my body to respond to the subtle movements of the MGX.

    Tonight, however, I experienced the most intense mind and body altering orgasm I have ever experience. Here is how it happened:

    I cleansed my rectum and then took a long hot shower. I applied a moderate amount of astroglide gel to the MGX, a small bit on my anus, and inserted the Aneros. I climbed into bed, placed two pillows under my thighs, and began to take deep breaths. I felt the involuntaries begin almost immediately. I rolled over onto my right side and continued to breath deeply. I felt the Aneros moving inside me in a rythmic motion. I began to writhe around the bed and moaned gently. I turned over onto my back and as I did I felt new and different sensations in the pubic region above and on both sides of my penis. It felt like my lower abdomen was being pressed down by some phantom weight.

    What I felt next was kind of strange. That same lower pubic region felt like it was "melting". (That is the closest way I can come to describe the feeling) This sensation lasted several minutes as the first gentle body quivers started in my arms and legs. My breathing became shallow, my penis became erect, and my glans turned bright scarlet. Pre-cum seeped from my engorged penis.

    My abdomen began to quiver gently which slowly intensified into moderate shakes. I took several deep breaths and then my body began to shake ncontrollably, almost convulsing. I recognized the wave-like sensations crashing against my entire being and knew that a Super-O was near! I screamed, groaned and grunted as jolts of electricity surged threw my flushed, shaking body. I struggled to contract my muscles in order to hold the Aneros in place and this caused the MGX to jump in my anal canal. I screamed as I felt the MGX stroke my prostate and spasmatic anus. I held on to this bliss as long as I could.

    Elecricity tingled through my body for several minutes. Static energy caused my body hairs to stand on edge. Since I knew that any smaller orgasms would not satisfy me tonight, I decided to end this session by masturbating, which ended quickly with a huge eruption of semen.

    I laid in bed for five or ten minutes hardly believing what had just happened. I wondered why men were never encouraged to explore prostate and anal pleasures? They do not know what they are missing.

    I dressed and went downstairs and laid on the couch. I could not believe that thirty minutes later my body was still gently pulsating!

    This is my first entry on the blog. I'll try to keep a faithful and honest account of journey and share my experiences with other members.



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