• Celebrate a Dallas Cowboys win…then do it again in the morning

    So…I’m a huge Dallas Cowboys fan. We won our first playoff game in like forever. I was so stressed. After the wife retired for the evening I decided to decompress.

    The session started with some Aless. My ramp up time is literally less than 5 mins now. 8 days of SR would do that. Initially I didnt want to incorporate any Aneros devices. I was getting such deep and penetrating Super-Os from this Aless session. This actually eventually turned into a calm seas series of orgasms. First time this has happened to me. The only thing tense on me was my cock…everything else went into this relaxed and purely tingling state. It was radiant. My eyes watered up a bit and it literally felt like I wanted to have a wet orgasm. After about an hour of this…I snuck into the room and got the eupho trident…

    Lubed that sucker up and literally laid down and didnt miss a beat. The eupho trident and my prostate basically hugged each other for the next hour. I barely had a single moment without orgasmic pleasure. My eyes would roll into the back of my head and I would see light flashes from behind my eyelids from the amount of pleasure.

    I woke up the next morning…decided to watch some football highlights. This turned into another calm seas session of orgasmic pleasure with a sprinkling of very intense Super-Os…this went on for 30 mins. The wife came from her run…I surprised her coming out of the shower with the hardest cock possible. After some light foreplay she bent over and I squeezed my cock in her tight wet pussy. We had a nice session…I didnt cum but had several dry orgasms in the midst of our session. I pulled out right before PONR and felt quite satisfied. I expect to leak throughout the day now.

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