• into synthesis

    Aneros is like an engin, lock load ready and SHIT IT OUT, like burning fireball up your asshole, shit it out, you Will come bettah! Aneros gets things running but IMHO Im a minimalist, as soon as it starts things off it's Aneros>exit! Then the…

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  • My all-round, round the clock fuck, memoirs of a rapist

    Of all the Super O's I have I wouldn't say this one was the best, but I think it will be one of the most memorable as this was the first time I combined different parts on the tantric wheel to really have a full…

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  • Peridise regained

    Yesterday I was already having many dry O's with the Progasm. Up until the past week I'd been more or less exclusively using my sphincter muscles as contracting my pc muscles(too hard) made me urinate.I guess it was a disadvantage having been already acquainted with…

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