• On the subject of losing motivation

    Well, it's been one and a half months so far and I have not made much if any progress. My sessions are still without much result. But I will not elaborate much on this; there are a number of other journals I have posted about…

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  • Still nothing to report

    So far it's been a little over a month since my first use of the Helix. I have nothing particularly new to report from my last post. Progress (if any) is still slow. I'm continuing learning to appreciate whatever I do feel, even if it…

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  • Week 3: Starting to feel like it isn't working out for me

    Another week has passed with little or no progress for me. I used to practice for an hour every day, but over this recent week I've been skipping a few days. I think I am losing motivation to keep this up. I used to be…

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  • Entering week 2: still not feeling it just yet

    Nearly a week has passed since my first post here. I have been having daily sessions, one at hour each. Most of these sessions have been at night (around 10 pm to as late as midnight) while a pair have been earlier in the day….

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  • First two attempts – no results

    Introduction to my situation: Several months ago while studying the physiology of orgasms for both males and females, I came upon the concept of men's prostate orgasms. Of course, Aneros was suggested by one or two web sites. Since my standard penis-based masturbation is rather…

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