• calton

    Just to record that I think the idea of creating a blog is really worthwhile. The context of the Forum is great for everyone to share advice and offer response but most often I just want to record where I am so that others and I can share progress.

    So for my first blog I have (unusually!) little to say but I can share my experience of my latest session when after (in previous sessions) returning to my MGX and my newly acquired Maximus, I used the Helix once more. I have to say that this was one of my most dynamic sessions yet. The MGX and Maximus create (with me) greater tension due to the extra pressure that they exert on the prostate. The Helix moves more freely and having used the MGX and Maximus on previous sessions it kind of 'liberated' the sensations that it provoked. Hope you can understand what I'm trying to convey! The result of this was an almost instant set of involuntary contractions after insertion that led on to many Super Os.
    An interesting side effect of using my various Aneros devices is that I now find that I can get to within a snip of a Super O without the device in place at all.

    Well done and thank you 'Support' for setting up the blogsite.


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