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    I have been wondering how 'newcomers' could move faster towards achieving a 'Super O'. I now use a variation of the method that I have described above and find that I can now provoke a 'Super O' within a very short while of inserting my Aneros. I recently returned to my MGX and it was after inserting it that I discovered how I could bring about this swift success. Success that persists too (3 sessions so far) with the Maximus that I have just received but more of the Maximus later.
    First I ensure that I insert more lubrication than I have used hitherto – about 6ml. I now use ID Glide. I find that the Aneros really has to be able to float freely to create success. As with all sessions it is essential that you are in a sexually responsive state so that you can place your prostate at the centre of your sensate focus. Lying on my left hand side, left leg out – right leg drawn up, I insert the Aneros most of the way in, then contracting my PC muscles, let the sphincter slowly draw it fully in. This for me is a particularly intense sensation and with the Aneros fully drawn in creates a tension in my perineum. I move onto my back and place a pillow to support my lower back and another for my feet – with my legs drawn up as described in earlier threads, but at 'ten to two'. What this means is that the perineum and butt area is over a space created by the two pillows. I ensure that the perineum abuttment tab is situated within the 'million dollar point' and (prior to insertion) that the tab is free from lubricant. I go through a very short period of relaxation making sure that the I am comfortable and the upper part of my body supported and begin contracting my PC muscles. Following two or three minutes of this, now with tension in the perineum, I place my middle finger of my right hand so that sits against the perineum tab and continue my contractions. After about another five minutes with the perineum even more tense and swollen I begin to press my finger into the 'million dollar point', this makes the abuttment tab move further 'in' against the prostate and with a mixture of voluntary and involuntary contractions the sensations are exquisite. I arch my back, raising and lowering my butt from the pillow. My finger feels the involuntary contractions at the abuttment point and I can now press harder (not pressing the Aneros itself though) into the 'm.d.p.' About twenty minutes of this and now able to remove my finger, the sensations send me over the edge and I can maintain a state of many consecutive, then rolling (one on another) Super Os. This 'folding in' or overlapping of orgasms is what makes the experience so delicious for me. Such an experience, that I don't even bother to count numbers any more – moving away from sense of (male) performance – rather, shifting into a more detached (spiritual, perhaps) space that flourishes on the awesome nature of the pleasurable experience.

    This technique is somewhat at odds with the idea of the Aneros being hands free but the use of my finger does not interrupt the free movement of the device itself. What it does provide for me is a surefire way of moving directly to the rewards that the Aneros has to offer. I would be interested to know if anyone else (particularly newbies) find that they can achieve success using this technique. So many threads from 'newbies' express disappointment that I feel any encouragement that reveals directly what we are searching for, will spur on those yet to cross-over to Super Os.

    I now enjoy a Maximus with great success – particularly with this regime. The Maximus offers a 'fuller' feeling internally with increased pressure against my prostate. It presents a more aggresive tab to the Helix, and one similar to the MGX. I think (for me) the extra pressure of tab and Aneros body provide the necessary trigger for orgasmic release.

    I no longer finish every session with a penile centred orgasm as the sense of invigoration from dry orgasms of Super Os leave me feeling elated. However, when I do stimulate my penis after many Super Os, my erection is particularly vigorous, the sensations extraordinarily intense and the resulting ejaculation, extremely powerful, longlasting and very productive.

    Long post but I hope this helps those that are new – and those 'closer' to the edge.
    Enjoy the journey – and the destination. Keep on travelling …


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