• Butting In

    As I continue on the Aneros path it seems I become more and more anally fixated. This week I finally ordered a Tantus Neo butt plug and it arrived today. Previously, many years ago I had a butt plug but it was a skinny, insipid little thing that tended to slip out whenever you bent down, coughed, yawned or even blinked.
    What I have yearned for lately is a butt plug filled my cavity and stretched my sphincter so that I would know I was under its control and feel that I was being well drilled and stretched.
    My Tantus Neo arrived today. Not bad delivery time from our state capital to my home. I could hardly wait to give it a test drive so this afternoon about 4pm I had the opportunity to lube up and give it a test drive. I must say at this point that I had also ordered some lube syringes. You cannot get the Aneros ones in Australia and these looked to be quite good. It took a bit of experimenting before I got the hang of filling them up but I soon worked out how to do this. There were no graduations on the syringe so I filled one and half filled the other. Taking the filled one I carefully inserted the nozzle in my rectum. Once it was filly inserted I press the plunger. I had only intended to inject about 1/3 of the lube but the plunger was really easy to press and before I knew anything, most of the lube was dispensed. Withdrawing it I then lubed up the Tantus Neo, giving it a generous coating of lube and then slowly pushed it in with a soft, rotating action. I expected to encounter more resistance as I hadn't even prepared myself with a finger or two. I put on a pair of panties under my underpants just in case there was unexpected leakage and then got dressed. Since then I have been walking around, had dinner and sat at my computer for about and hour. Now I am am just relaxing.
    My thoughts at this stage?
    I am not sure how I feel about it yet. Initially it felt good but not the cavity filling experience I was expecting. Although I am certainly not getting the feeling that it is hoping to slip out at any moment. It is staying put and it will only come out if I press down on it and tell it to do so. There is a little bit of a feeling of chafed skin between my bum cheeks, almost a burning and I put this down to sitting on it for too long.
    Perhaps I am expecting too much so early on. One reason for its purchase was to enhance a fantasy where my lover made me wear a large dildo to stretch and open me up before giving me a vigorous pegging! Well I am getting the burning feeling and some of the stretching plugged feeling but I just expected more. I will keep you informed on my progress. I think my next purchase will be the progasm ice and a good, large dildo. Perhaps I am getting ahead of myself as I am yet to master the Helix Syn and should concentrate on that.

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