• Breathing meditation – revised

    Guided breathing meditation
    I duplicated this entry because I edited it and wanted it at the top of my blogs. this meditation is a very simplified kundalini Circular Breathing, Tantric Cool Draw or Chinese Microcosmic Orbit. I've also edited this blog after getting feedback from my Tai Chi teacher.
    I've started my sessions recently with this breathing exercise that I put together from several sources especially my intuition. I do it with any model aneros prostate massager or without any aneros at all, sitting, lying down or standing. I like it because it gets me aroused from within without any stimulation. It may be of interest to men who have trouble getting aroused. I don't know if it will work for anyone else but me. Let me know if it works for you.
    stage 1 oral breathing – to relax and circulate oxygen – good place to start your first session
    Breathe into your abdomen relaxedly with your diaphragm, don't use your chest muscles.
    You can put your hand beneath your navel to remind you and guide your breath to your belly. Feel your breath expand your belly. You can feel your tail bone arch away from your body.
    With your mouth closed pull in air smoothly and slowly and gently through your nose.
    Feel it as it flows down your throat into your chest.
    Pause briefly, and then push the air out while saying"ahhhh" deeply so you feel it in your belly.
    Exhale slowly and feel the air flow up out of your chest, up your throat and out your lips. Feel your abdomen tighten as it pushes the air out. Feel your tail bone arch forward now.
    Pause briefly again and start over.
    If you feel uncomfortably light-headed, slow down and take smaller breaths.
    If you feel shortness of breath, take a deep breath and adjust your breathing so you're getting enough air.
    Do this as much as you need to feel comfortable and natural doing this.
    By breathing this way you're expanding your lungs with the least effort, oxygenating blood for your heart to send to every cell in your body.
    This should be the pace of your breathing through the next steps.
    stage 2 body breathing – to immerse yourself in your body and circulate your awareness around your body
    Now imagine that your whole body is breathing "air" through your body with your awareness as you were doing through your nose.
    While you are breathing in normally through your nose, imagine you are inhaling "air" up your back to your head, back down your front, throat, chest, abdomen, penis and prostate and anus.
    Follow the "air" with your awareness.
    Imagine you are pulling cool "air" up your back when you inhale through your mouth.
    Inhale slow enough for your awareness to follow the "air" up your back to your head.
    Pause briefly when the "air" is in your head.
    Then imagine you are gently pushing the "air" down the front of your body as you exhale, through your throat, chest, abdomen, penis, scrotum, prostate and anus.
    Do this until your awareness is in one smooth motion as you imagine it travelling from your back around your head and back down your front.
    You should try to locate and feel these parts of your body as you breathe but don't stop if you miss a landmark, keep breathing smoothly. Say"ahhhh" or moan as you exhale and feel the vibration in your belly.
    Keep your tongue on the roof of your mouth throughout this exercise and the following ones. That will keep the energy moving around your body.
    At this point you and your body should be breathing together effortlessly and without thinking.
    stage 3 body energy breathing – to feel energy circulating in your body
    After a while look for signs from your body that it is breathing with you.
    You may feel coolness around your anus as you breathe in and a slight contraction.
    You may feel a little light-headed when it reaches your head, you may feel warmth or heat when it reaches your heart, you may feel tingling, sexual feelings, prostate engorging when it passes through your perineum.
    This is energy flowing through your body.
    You can amplify the energy with each breath.
    You can send energy remotely from your heart when you feel the warmth if you want or send it down your body and around again to accumulate energy.
    When your awareness reaches your heart, you may feel an emotion, your body may feel like sobbing or shaking.
    You can just take note of this or if its very strong, you may pause to express the emotion, really feel it. Just let go and let your body shake or sob. You don't have to analyze the emotion, just feel it. You'll probably understand it in time.
    When the emotion has passed you can resume energy breathing. Soon your whole body may seem to be radiating heat. You are now aroused.
    stage 4 sexual arousal breathing – to amplify your arousal with sexual energy
    At some point, contract your outer anal sphincter slightly and notice if pleasure waves are now travelling from your anus up your back and down your front.
    Keep checking periodically for this.
    When this happens, you can circulate sexual energy and pleasure around your body like you did with air and energy.
    you can amplify sexual energy as you breathe this way
    At some point it may become unnecessary to concentrate on your breathing this way as your body becomes completely sexual and you are just breathing sexual energy in and out!
    My breathing moves the aneros device with each breath and gently massages my prostate, like petting a kitten. Since my breathing is creating the pleasure waves, I can go as long as I want this way without doing anything else as long as I breathe this way
    At this point you might bump up the arousal by thinking of something that turns you on or someone who you're attracted to.
    This is a form of the Cool Draw Tantric breathing, Chinese Microcosmic Breathing or Kundalini Circular Breathing. I find this is good for balancing my sexual energy and emotions.
    The Big Draw technique has you drawing sexual energy up your spine, accumulating it in your head and keeping it there without your tongue touching the roof of your palate. When you let your tongue touch your palate, the energy flows down the front of your body. Try it!
    You are now breathing pleasure.
    This exercise takes me about half an hour or more to get to this point so be patient. You'll know if you're on track or not by following the steps and looking for landmarks. As I said, I don't know if this will work for anyone else.
    One of the nice things about this is that I can do this any time of the day without the aneros device. I do this kind of breathing automatically most of the time now.
    I recently started to feel warm waves coming from my heart to the rest of my body whenever I felt a emotion or felt aroused. I had never felt this before. This warmth was like the warmth I felt during my breathing meditation but was more intense, full body and occurred with emotion or arousal, not when meditating. I interpret this as my heart chakra opening. I don't know how it opened but suspect it had something to do with the breathing meditation and my experience with expressing emotion.
    The breathing meditation follows the chakras from the crown, brow, throat chest, solar plexus, abdomen and root, around and up the spine again. Aneros can open the root chakra. I'm just learning about this from my teachers, readings and experiences.
    I may have gotten some things wrong. Please let me know.

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