• Breathe!

    Got a copy of the book “Urban Tantra” this past weekend. Lots of interesting information in it regarding Tantra, chakras,
    moving energy. There’s a few chapters on sex techniques and practices, meditations, etc.

    The recurring theme in this book though is BREATHE! Breathe DEEP! Breathe OFTEN! Get the oxygen level in your
    body WAY up.

    I did this tonight and had my best session yet. I had O’s I didn’t think were possible. Body spasming almost out of body O’s.

    Started my session as usual and just spent some time noticing how I was breathing. After a while I increased
    both my respiration rate and depth. Not to the point it was painful, uncomfortable, or felt like work but enough to really
    get some air into my body. OMG!

    See and feel that air going right to your prostate and your first chakra. Pull that energy up your body.

    If you have not gotten to the big O yet I highly recommend getting a copy of this book. Some of it seems like BS, a LOT of
    it will to a lot of people but, give it a try and try for a while before you blow it off.



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      12/12/2018at2:23 am

      Early in my sexual discovery journey I discovered Tantra. I deepened my knowledge by attending a sexual pleasure and response workshop in which Tantra was a recurring theme. When I zoned in on Aneros two years later it was a no brainer to combine the two. I will be doing a blog entry on it soon. You are right, breathing is key as is mind – body connection and control.

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