• Breakthrough!

    Hello all, I have exciting news! Last night, I broke my "no consecutive session days" rule but I am glad I did. It started off like any other session but I was able to actually find a "groove." I have been able to get pleasure from the aneros for well over a year but I have never been able to build the arousal. I have only ever been able to feel hints of pleasure here and there but I have never quite been able to keep it going in a positive direction. That changed last night.
    I didn't really do anything special, I just did a few light contractions here and there while concentrating on any pleasure I could get. I was watching some hot porn and playing with my nipples. I have only recently been able to derive sexual pleasure from my nipples so I believe the nipple play was key to what happened next. Soon I was simply feeling a great amount of pleasure on my prostate and was able to keep it building. I felt my arousal level going higher and higher. I no longer had to concentrate on any contractions, my body simply knew how to manipulate the aneros for the best results.
    Ocassionally I would thrust my hips upward half-voluntarily to increase the pleasure )I was on my back for the entire session(. I never felt this kind of pleasure back there before it was just awesome. At one point I reached a plateau of some sort where every stroke felt magical and there was just a feeling of satisfied bliss. I don't think the pleasure was at orgasm level but it certainly felt great none-the-less. After about a minute of this I came back down and felt like I was back in the building stage. I wasn't able to reach the same level again, unfortunately, but overall the session was a breakthrough and the best I have had yet!
    I am now very happy that my long journey is paying off, and I'm excited to see what's around the next corner.

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