• Breakthrough in Aless Session

    Thursday evening, I had an excellent session with my Helix Syn.  The P-waves were plentiful and exquisite, much better than usual.  Unfortunately, after 2 1/4 hours of pure pleasure, I had to end the session and retire to bed.  My prostate however was not done; it was craving and screaming for more action.  Once in bed, I felt an incredible urge to engage in an Aless session but I had to suppress it since my better half was not sleeping as she normally would at this time.  Insomnia continued for both of us for several hours but the urge pressed on until the wee hours of the morning.
    Friday evening (last night), my body called for my MGX for the session and it did not disappoint me.  The P-waves were even better than in the previous evening’ session.  My normal position is on my back with a pillow above by butt cheeks but for some reason, I decided to try lying on my right side, knees bent and shoulders turned towards the ceiling for more pressure.  I think I read this in one of my friend’s @SOwithoutAneros post entry and it worked.  It sent me into sheer bliss. 
    Just to clarify, I have been on my journey for 22 months with no Super-Os or Dry-Os yet but I enjoy the steady progress without disappointments.
    As in the previous evening, it was getting late and I had to call it quits to go to bed.  Again, my prostate protested profusely and the waves stayed with me with no sign of letting go.  This time, my wife was sound asleep so I indulged in letting my prostate take me where it wanted. 
    Lying on my back in bed, I immediately felt my legs, arms, toes, fingers, back, ears and every part of my body sending each other jolts of pleasure.  Seriously, the best way to describe this Aless is as if I had electrodes connected to every muscle and member of my body and emitting electrical pulses. I was fully conscious and let my body do what it wanted; I was merely a spectator benefitting from this total body dry orgasm.  The strength of this orgasm was not wild, in fact is was quiet to the point where I had no jolts or shaking which suited me fine as to not wake my better half.
    This state of bliss stayed with me for a solid hour (or more).  As an experiment, I got up, went for a leak and came back to bed.  The  adventure continued on until I was absolutely exhausted, not from the orgasm but from my active day. 
    From time to time, I had previously experienced little clips of this orgasm feeling but always sparsely and at very low intensity.
    This morning, while doing my chores, I stopped and sat down, engaged in slow deep breaths in an attempt to recapture the feeling but with the many distractions, I only got glimpses of the orgasm feeling.  This tells me I’m just barely scratching the surface. 
    Life is wonderful!


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      10/29/2017at10:53 am

      GGringo You have artfully demonstrated that Aneros prostate pleasure can extend well beyond the session! The total body orgasms can indeed be intense! In your estimation, you have not yet experienced a Super-O or Dry-O. But I am wondering, perhaps you did and didn’t realize it? Are you setting the bar too high? Your recent Aless “session” demonstrates the necessity to just “let-go” and let your body “feel” all the orgasmic pleasures as they develop! Keep up with your excellent posts!

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      10/30/2017at1:51 pm

      @goldenboy, you may be right about the bar set high. If I go by other member’s entries where they describe their Super-Os as far superior to the traditional O’s threshold, then I’m not there. If I disregard what I read, I’m there. Nevertheless, I don’t feel I’m missing anything as what I have now, I never had before. I don’t know if what I say makes sense but in other words, I’m more than content.
      Good vibes to you!

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      10/31/2017at11:49 pm

      Dear @GGringo, I am delighted for you, for your success and even more for feeling “more than content”. As I see it, you’re not only barely scratching the surface, I would say, you’re already swimming in your sea of bliss. But the best is still to come and you will go deeper and deeper. Diving into this sea of tranquility can – at a first glance – feel like leaving the most orgasmic pleasures behind, but you only transcend to another level. A level of deeper, more fulfilling pleasure. Don’t compare, don’t expect anything comparable and your bliss will find you. To tell it with a song from Mariah Carey: You don’t do it, you only “Make it happen!” or even better say “LET it happen!”.
      Your situation is far from “if you wanna sing out, sing out, if you wanna cry out, cry out” (Cat Stevens). Instead of being free to cry out like Mariah at highest pitches, you are condemned to stay quiet. When I had my initiation nights, or better say, days, with my better half leaving for work and me staying at home due to a cold, we furthermore had separated bedrooms, me sleeping on a mattress in the living room, she upstairs in our bedroom, giving me space and time for endless Aless sessions during the night and loud Aneros sessions every day from morning until afternoon. Every now and then, whether driving alone by car or staying alone at home I afterwards took my chance to be loud, and it pushes my Aneros sessions as well as my Aless beyond belief.
      If you think of Aless as a consciousness-expanding technique you are on the right path. It all is a matter of perception. You can listen to a song from the kitchen radio while doing errands. You can stop working on your errands and take some hifi-components to listen to the same song again. You can buy more expensive equipment, but even more helpful will be the right mood and enough space and time to really dive into the sound and to become part of the flow. Give in to drifting and let the vibes do the rest, sounds to me to be the best way to let your gland find your way for you.
      I wish you all the best! 🙂

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      11/03/2017at1:43 pm

      @GGringo, it appears that you have reached a tipping point in your Aneros sessions. I have discovered that my sessions have an effect of building upon each other. Your sessions are just going to feel better and better! Now just focus upon the sensations of pleasure during your session and Aless!

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      11/03/2017at1:47 pm

      @SOwithoutAneros, I like very much your image of “swimming in the sea of bliss.” That is why for the foreseeable future I will continue to have regular Aneros sessions while enjoying my Aless. Yes, my experience with both Aneros and Aless is just getting “deeper and deeper!”

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