• Bought two more

    I studied the Aneros store today, and found myself realizing I wanted to try some different models. They had a special on both the Helix and Eupho for $120. A week ago I would have told you it's crazy to spend that kind of money on a piece of plastic. Three sessions with the MGX changed my mind.
    I told my wife how happy I am with the purchase, and let her know I was apt to buy the other models. I described it as like a golfer who has to get that next club.
    I was reluctant to acknowledge myself as an advanced user, but I think now it's fair to say. I'm well down the list of milestones in the Wiki, plus I really think I have the right attitude about things. Yes, I'm excited about all those things you hear about, but I'm thoroughly enjoying the early, subtle sensations. When I'm in a session I have no sense of wanting more. In fact, when sensations arrive that lead me to try to "going for" something, I find it's best to relax my intentions, focus on the here and now, and not "chase" the feeling.
    Can't wait for the new models to arrive.

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