• Boom! goes the dynamite.

    After taking a day off yesterday, decided to give the Vice a go today. After the usual warmups, I started with the vibrator off for about 30 min. Tried various levels of contractions and some nice feelings. Even got some P-Waves going, which is unusual with the Vice sans vibrator. After 30 min, turned the vibrator on to Light-Steady. In previous sessions, Light-Steady felt pretty good, but I always seemed to be just at the edge of an orgasm without crossing over. This time, it finally crossed the line. Several mild Os and plenty of nice feelings.
    After about 20 minutes, I changed the vibrator setting to Medium-Steady. Did my usual routine of starting with a small baseline contraction and gradually increasing it until I felt 'something'. Then holding it there for a bit. As usual, this produced a couple nice orgasms, but the Vice felt like it wanted to do more. So I increased the contraction strength some more and was rewarded with some fairly strong orgasms. Decided to push my luck and increase my contraction strength about as hard I could and still hold it. After about 30 seconds, my prostate exploded. By far the strongest orgasms I have felt since I started using the Aneros…and they were coming one right after the other. I didn't count, but probably about 4-5 in a row. I had to stop as I felt like I was about to pass out. Not sure if this was a Super O or just a really strong prostate orgasm, but it sure felt pretty super.
    After taking a few minutes to catch my breath, I set the vibrator back High-Steady to see if could get a repeat performance. Unfortunately, despite my best efforts, only a few mild orgasms. I set the vibrator back to Medium-Steady, but no luck there. I finished off )which felt especially good this time( and ended the session.
    When I took out the Vice, I was surprised how dry it was. In addition, while I usually end up purging the excess lube into the toilet after a session, this time almost nothing came out. I actually used a bit more pre-lube than I usually do )4 ml( so I'm curious how it ended up being so dry at the end )though that may explain why the latter half of my session wasn't too great(.

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