• Blown away!

    So I did it again last night! Almost four months since my last mini-O, I had another one. Oddly enough I was somewhat surprised it happened. As my Aneros sessions as of late have been really uneventful. And on top of that I've been struggling with life issues. The only thing I can really say that may have played a part in it, is that the prior day before, after my Aneros session, I fucked myself rather thoroughly for a long time with my Feeldoe More. Now there was no orgasmic events from this. But it felt really, really good. And as always, it massaged my prostate much more aggressively than my Aneros prostate massager's such that it typically wakes up my prostate much quicker. Where as it would otherwise take many daily Aneros sessions to get it to that point. And it teaches me to relax much more due to it's size, and to comfortably insert and enjoy the thrusting of it in me. This once again reinforces the belief that other forms of anal penetration and thusly prostate massage that is not Aneros products, can be helpful to move one along the path towards achieving super-O's.
    On top of that when I started my Aneros session last night, I noticed when pushing chunks of shea butter inside me that I had an irritated hemorrhoid from fucking myself the prior day. And while inserting my Progasm, I thought to myself, “This may not go anywhere with this discomfort and pain from the hemorrhoid.” But once it was fully inserted and I relaxed the pain and discomfort went away.
    Oddly enough it was a very short session. Probably about twenty-five minutes. My pre-Aneros watching porn warm up to increase my arousal was much longer. And once I started my session, relaxed and started rubbing my nipples and fantasizing while paying attention to the sensations, the O's started within ten minutes. So I'm calling it an O at this point because what I experienced was much stronger in intensity and a bit longer in duration than my previous mini-O's I experienced. On top of that, there was much less focus on the feeling in my penis like it was an ejaculatory orgasm. It was more centered in my anus and prostate. So I'm not sure if this makes it a mini-O, a dry-O, or something else.
    Leading up to the O event, the involuntary anal contractions started happening pretty strongly and consistently. So I made myself relax even more. And suddenly right after doing that, the sensations of the contractions bumped up a huge amount. And they felt somewhat dislocated from my body. Like they were happening six inches above it. It pulsed and pulsed in these incredible waves of orgasmic pleasure, relaxation, and release in an energetic sense. My heart rate jumped, and the heat in my body increased significantly. As the orgasm continued I felt the energy of the waves pulse up my torso to my head. With each pulse I thought to myself, “Wow! This is lasting longer than the previous time and feels so damn incredibly good.” And then it died down, and happened again almost back to back.
    I can't stress enough how amazing this felt! This was way better than my prior mini-O's. I can only assume that my body just continues to make slow steps in progress like it always has. Slowly but surely I move forward. It's been just over seven years now that I've been grinding away at this practice. And it's only in this last year that I've really started to have sporadically small orgasmic results. And let me tell you, it is so worth it! Can you imagine if I had given up on this like a lot of guys have that don't get immediate results and get frustrated? I knew there was something to this. But I suspect that I've only just seen a glimpse of the full potential.
    So after the O's finished. I tried to relax and re-create what made them happen. And it's weird, I seemed to get the physical response of the involuntary contractions happening strong and consistently, and my prostate swelling in arousal. But it's like the energetic portion of it wasn't happening. It still felt good mind you, but it was not orgasmic. It's possible I was just tired, as this all happened right around my bed time. So I ended the session. And now here I am typing this up and my prostate is feeling really wonderful remembering what happened last night, and I think I will be having another Aneros session today really soon. :(

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