• Best session yet!

    There always seems to be a new level, if you just wait for it. Tonight I had the most intense SO’s I think I’ve had.

    Started with the Progasm. Took four minutes to the first SO and they took off from there. Probably had one every two minutes at least. Traded it for the PS-New after about thirty minutes then back to the Progasm after fifteen minutes or so. Both worked well tonight but the Progasm was a bit better.

    This was an evening session too. Usually not this strong.

    On another note, once I ended my session I pulled out the big “Ace of Spades” butt plug. 80 millimeters (3.12 inches) in diameter. Popped it in without a lot of work. Haven’t used this in quite a few months. Figured it would be more work than it was. It’s an incredible feeling when it finally hits home! I can keep this in for about twenty minutes then it starts getting uncomfortable, like about now. Needs a longer neck but, it’s still good like it is.


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