• Beginning my tenth year in my Aneros journey

    Hi guys,

    Earlier this morning shortly after sunrise I began my tenth year in my Aneros journey.

    I had gotten my first Aneros tools in late December 2011. They were Helix Classic, MGX Classic, and Progasm Classic. Then I got Helix Syn in March 2012 when it first came out. They all looked scary because I had to use them in anal play for them to massage my prostate. It took me three months to surmount this fright. I took my maiden voyage with Helix Syn early Sunday evening June 3, 2012. Anal play was not the scary as I had thought then, but it took four years before I could to relax and enjoy my Aneros tools. It was in mid September 2016 that I achieved my first Aneros breakthroughs with Super-O’s and MMO’s which I could let them to me both in sessions and outside of sessions in Aless, particularly in night in bed.

    This morning I used in tandem my most favorite models currently: MGX, Helix Syn, and Progasm ICE. I really enjoyed this morning getting out of bed with Helix Syn inserted and letting that model autofuck me while diddling my nipples.

    Take care.


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      06/05/2019at10:48 am

      @BigGlansDC Congratulations on your accomplishment! I know that ‘scary’ feeling when I too first started out with Aneros. I didn’t know what to expect (it was kind of scary inserting a prostate massager for the first time, not knowing the outcome and with the possibility of a Super O!). But with the right techniques and full support of other Aneros members like yourself, this journey is now probably the most rewarding one a guy can take! I for one am most grateful for the opportunity!

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