• Beginning Anew – The Start of Something Grander

    So this is my first blog post. I’ve been an Aneros user for 4-5 years and have used the forum and chat intermittently, though never really in depth.
    So first things first, I would say that I have had a great deal of success with the Aneros. I’ve experienced new sensations and had many sessions that have reached a Super-O, at least what I would think / consider constitutes a Super-O. I usually have 1, maybe 2, sessions a week. But there are times where I will go a couple weeks without a session, and just stick to traditional methods of orgasm.
    The issue that I’m seeing is that the majority of my sessions, I would say 90%, end with a traditional orgasm. I believe that this has caused my Aneros sessions to become stale here over the past 6 months. I still experience many amazing sensations, but my focus seems to be on what is upcoming (the traditional ending) rather than what is happening in the moment. In addition, and I don’t know if this is related, I find myself touching myself throughout the day. I work from home mainly, and I get the majority of my entertainment from my computer (Netflix, YouTube, Video Games). So I get quite a bit of screen time each day. Now what I’ve noticed recently is that when at my computer or watching TV, that subconsciously I will be touching myself. Some times it is just hand over shorts, but others it’s full on hand down pants. I find this to be a sign of a lack of willpower and the primitive brain having too much influence on my actions. As stated I find myself doing this without even noticing.
    So here’s the game plan. I am going to hit the reset button so to say on my Aneros sessions. I am going into these sessions moving forward without any expectations or end goal. Which means no more ending sessions with a traditional orgasm. I am also going to make a point of becoming more consistent with my sessions, aiming for 2 maybe 3 sessions per week.
    As for my other issue, I’ve been reading some of the posts by Goldenboy and I’m going to implement some of what he is doing. This means entering a state of voluntary male chastity by utilizing what he has adequately termed a “chastity cup.” No doubt placing a physical barrier and eliminating access to certain parts will help me conquer this hurdle. Note: I did have a traditional orgasm today without the Aneros in order make the first couple days of chastity easier. I have also considered the idea of semen retention, and of the 21 day challenge. But I will see how the first few days in chastity go and revisit this idea.
    Here’s to new beginnings.


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      03/29/2018at7:43 am

      @NuclearGamer I have sent you a PM; and thanks for the nod! I will be glad to offer you my insights and support as I am able! After all, we are here to lend one another a hand in this Aneros “journey”.

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      03/29/2018at1:27 pm

      @NuclearGamer, you are on the right track with your own observations and you are in good hands with the advice from @goldenboy.
      Good luck and keep us posted on your progress. Thanks for sharing details of your journey.
      Life is wonderful!

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