• Beginning Anew – Day 4: Progress

    So I’m now on day 4, and I will say that things are progressing well. It’s sort of like re-wiring what’s already been re-wired. I had learned quite a lot over the past 4 years, but there was still that connection to traditional orgasm with my sessions. And while even with my session today there is still that mental connection, I can tell it is becoming more faint. Today I experienced a sequence of deep, sustained pleasure that I have never achieved before. Now I’ve had instances where the “intensity” and “location” of this pleasure has been had, but it would usually subside rather quickly. This today lasted for what had to have been an 8-10 min period of time. Definitely not on the level of a Super-O, but amazing none the less. There were however 3 or 4 (I cannot remember) mini-o’s over this period of time. They only lasted a few seconds each, but instead of ending and then needing to “rebuild” to the level of pleasure that directly preceded it, I was able to maintain that high level of pleasure between mini-o’s.
    Utilizing a “chastity cup” is definitely assisting with remaining focused on my prostate during my sessions. And it has also helped during the day with my “wandering hands” issue while at home. Is a “chastity cup” the key to my discoveries so far? I would say it’s less a key, and more along the lines of a training aid. The key for me, like most things in life, is mentality and mental discipline.

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