• Beginning Anew – Day 1: First Impressions and Take Aways

    So this initial 24 hours has been quite interesting. My first night with my chastity cup I can honestly say I didn’t get the best sleep. I woke up just about every hour, but I’m sure with time this will change as I get accustomed to wearing it. I was out of the house for work today so most of the day I didn’t wear it. For now I will only wear it around the house, and for any time I’m at the house. For instance, I had about a one hour window today at home between returning from my sales meetings, and for when I was scheduled for my fitness class at the gym. My initial thoughts were “Well it’s only 1 hour.” But I decided that if this is something that I’m serious in pursuing that I must adhere to my own rules.
    Also, I did decided to have an Aneros session this evening as a way to officially begin the rediscovery period. Initially I was considering not wearing my chastity cup during my sessions. My main reason for this is typically I get and maintain an erection for the entirety of my sessions, and I was concerned about irritation and discomfort from a certain part attempting to break out of it’s confines. After a quick consultation with @goldenboy I was reassured that wouldn’t necessarily be the case. So for the session I decided I would leave the chastity cup in place and see where things went. I was glad that I took this path, because let’s be honest if there was any discomfort I could just end the session. I was actually quite surprised how comfortable things were during my session. As a whole I would rate the session as right around average, which is typical for any sessions I’ve had in the past that followed a traditional orgasm from the day prior. Now if this were just a couple days ago I would have finished this session with a traditional orgasm, because it didn’t reach heights I would have deemed acceptable to warrant just stopping.
    Now for a couple quick takeaways from this session. Firstly, not ending with a traditional orgasm is a big first step. Now, having a physical barrier in the way definitely had a large part in that. But my main takeaway tonight would be the distinction I noticed between different PC muscle groups. I’m no anatomy expert, but there are a group of muscles that fire during the ejaculation process, I don’t know the name. I’ve noticed that I was primarily using those muscles during my sessions, or at least they were involved as a response to involuntary contractions. When engaged I could feel my penis push against the cup. So there is a definitive link between these muscles and a traditional orgasm, which I believe created the urge for a traditional ending to my sessions. So what I found was that by relaxing and minimizing the activation of this muscle group, I was able to pick up on the subtle movements of the other PC muscles much easier. These other muscle groups had no reactionary effect on the penis. So already just one day in I have learned something new, and possibly vitally important, that I failed to pick up on in almost 5 year. Funny how these things work. Here’s hoping for more discoveries in the coming weeks.


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      03/30/2018at10:37 am

      @NuclearGamer I hope you are learning that the stimulation offered by a “chastity cup” can greatly enhance and will not interfere with your Aneros sessions. When I started out with chastity, I was wearing my CB-6000S cage during the day, not a cup jockstrap. Your description of PC muscle groups is spot-on; learning to identify the various “groups” of muscles IMHO will help you to “feel” the very subtle “whispers” from your prostate! I am curious, though, which “cup” you selected? I probably have it too!
      As you continue along your path of semen retention (SR) you will feel an increase in arousal as you approach Day 7. Just observe how you are feeling sexually and feel the energy! Enjoy it!

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      03/30/2018at11:04 am

      @NuclearGamer As you progress into male chastity further, you will begin to experience a “conflict” between what your body wants you to do (ejaculate) and what your mind tells you what to do (remain in chastity). Sometimes it can feel pretty intense. This is normal and there will be pitfalls and setbacks along the way. But just keep your goals in view and don’t get too caught up in the day-to-day experience of male chastity. Good luck!

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      03/30/2018at1:20 pm

      @Goldenboy – Thank you for the added input and encouragement. Great advice and I don’t plan on analyzing every day, I just had a lot of thoughts yesterday and I felt I needed to write those down.

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